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Monday, February 9, 2009

Out of My Mind or out of your Fuckin Mind?!

I missed you bastads. I have been sick for a week and havent been able to do a damn thing except go to class. whoop de doo. Now I finally have some idle time and gonna crnk out some heavy ass blogs this week. And while im waitin for the vid of the Grammy performance to buffer, let me break that ass with whut i missed.

All last week I was sick with allergies, so I popped some benadryl and things jus got kurt cobinish after that. I was woozy as fuck. I could not sleep for shit becuse I literally had voices in my head instructin me hw to sleep. Wal Mart benadryl may not be too poppin after this . I didnt get to see much of whut happened in the outside world. But boy did i hear the scream of white ppl when Michael Phelps blew that fuckin bong. Subway couldnt drop that bastad fast enough. Thats fucked, cuse he was a lot more fit than Jared (i actualy think Jared is puttin the weight bck on eating them Dominoes subs). Of course I kept my ear close to the hip hop world. But it was getttin blown out by 50 Cent/Rick Ross Beef. Now i hve a dmn probem with this. 50 is not exactly the next Rakim, but cme on Rick Ross? and his baby mama? seriously 50? were u jus that bored? U shouldve jus picked on Shawty Lo. U prob couldve did better nd picked on Bow Wow. That pretty much went on well into the weekend where I actually forgot about the Grammys. Part of the reason was because I was feelin better Thursday and got back on my drinkin game. Friday and Saturday was jus parties then the ball got hit out the park when I found out A-Rod was discovered to be on them roids back in 2003. So now basically all the recent heroes in baseball (McGwire, Bonds, Sosa, Clemens, A-Rod) are now among the most represented faces of the sport's Steroid Era. Baseball Tonight feels more like New Jack City everyday. Back to rap tho, I missed the Grammys cause of work, but I really wanted to see Wayne win Album of the Year, which he got robbed for. But last night I came cross some most interesting news. PPl are saying Chris Brown beat up Rihanna. I was surprised he could even fight. But Wayne, Jay-Z, T.I., Kanye, and M.I.A. beat up the stage last night performing Swagga Like Us. It was true hip hop history in my opinion. So I really dont wanna hear frm the underground niggas about that wasnt hip hop, or wu tang shoulda been there, or u jus turned on your Atmosphere cd. Cause that shit ws pretty dope to see 4 rappers with credentials like theirs come together on stage, much less n a song, and put together something wonderful. All my fellow hip hop nerds, get yo macs and pc's rollin out and blog about who has the better verse and why the fuck M.I.A. was goin hard even while pregged up. LMAO!!! HOLLA BLACK!!!