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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Mixtape: "Too Fat for Skinny Jeans" to be released on December 2

I would like to announce that my next mixtape will be titled: "Too Fat for Skinny Jeans" and is going to be released on my birthday, December 2 of this yr. My past 3 mixtapes have all had unique titles and has carried a significant meaning with each one. This "Too Fat" mixtape will aim to highlight my commitment to makin undergound in a true B-SimmS fashion. Not jus skinny jeans but hip hop has put out characteristics that try to develop into the mold for what artists should be and not who they are. But this title is my statement of saying lyrically I have too much weight to fit in the threads of conformity and if I do fit in them then I am goin to stretch those muthafuckas out. Production on the mixtape will include my homey B. Star and Sev Da Producer. It's jus about halfway done, so on December 2, dont put bday wishes on my wall, jus download my mixtape frm datpiff.com. lol. Thanks in advance guys!!! Holla Black!!! Peep some of the tracks at the bottom to hold you until the mixtape drop.