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Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm Ready for my Close Up Professor Xavier

Do not be surpised if youre watching the Emmys and Superman flys in on the Red Carpet. No other genre of movie has been as huge as the Superhero movie in this decade. Before the 2000's comic book heroes were barely even heard of outside of Saturday morning cartoons and anywhere that sold magazines. Now they are summer blockbusters and the one thing keeping Blockbuster open. Coincidentally the biggest movies, Xmen and Spiderman, were some of the biggest cartoons during the 1990's and one of the best comics of all time. After they came on the air then followed Iron Man, The Hulk, Superman, a couple of Batman cartoons and The Fantastic Four. Ironically, it was this similar order in which the movies appeared. The thing is these movies do not look like comic books and that's saying a lot cause comic books barely look like comic books. When I say that Im talkin bout those basic storylines and the original campy colors more vivid than a Young Dro verse. These movies actually have a cool about them. The costumes are different in a way. The uniforms in the Xmen movie make the comic book Xmen look like they played dress up in a spandex store. The movie Xmen got on all black and makes the movie more darker and better. In fact the darker the better. For example, last summer The Dark Knight set records in sales all becuase of the performance of Heath Ledger as The Joker. In the Batman movie in the 1960's evrything was bright as shit. The Joker, The riddler, hell even the Penguin. But in the 1990's film it got more edge, but there was still a little campiness to it. 2008 cut all that out and went str8 sinister. Everybody loved it too citing it as one of the best villains of all time and there have been some bad motherfuckers!! Now these movies havent always been "super", especially in the 1990's. Many ppl hate the Batman and Robin that had Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze. Dont remember? Good!! I can recall the uneasy feeling I got when I saw Daredevil. Pretty sure it was the same feeling ppl got when they saw Elektra, the first Hulk movie, and those 2 Punisher movies. But one thing about these movies Ive always loved was the actors themselves. Danny Devito as the Penguin, Captain Picard as Professor X, Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man and Halle Berry as Storm!! Plus Nick Fury is gonna be played by Sam Jackson in 9 friggin Marvel movies. Cant U see Samuel L. cussin out Iron Man and Dr. Doom while pistol whippin Doom. I can and I will. Jus like I will go out and see the wolverine sequel, captain america movie, the next batman movie, green lantern movie, thor movie, and avengers movie. Looks like Superhero movies wont be losing their powers for a while. Holla Black!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

No Milli

"They shouldve never gave you niggas money!!" Maybe tha students at University of Arizona shouldve took heed to those words as they put up a cocnert that lost over A MILLION DOLLARS!!!! The problem I have is how the fuck did u spell a milli in the midst of a recession and i guess i found the only way. A student organization put together a concert that was headlined by Jay-Z and Kelly Clarkson. What happened? Was OJ and Ron Goldman's parents not available for the annual karaoke night? But one of the main reasons the concert blowed was the suck ass ticket prices. Niggas was chargin 140 bux for some regular seats!! Im not payin 140 to see Jay-Z in cocncert when I can pay the 25 dolla late fee on my blockbuster account and rent Fade to Black!! They deserved whutever they got. Who the fuck in Tucson Arizona gonna sell out a concert at 140 a pop? Now the forum heads on allhiphop are talkin bout Jay should give some of the money back to help the students. If i was Jay wouldnt give that 750K back. I'd go buy two new lips and tell them to KISS MY ASS!! HOLLA BLACK!!