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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ruled Out

Ironically, on MLK weekend would I be posting about this particular issue but quite frankly I have to come out and say it. The Rooney Rule in the NFL has to go. In case you don't know what that is (or if a racist) the Rooney Rule is a rule where NFL teams that have coaching/GM vacancies must interview one minority (usually African American). Im black. I shouldnt have a problem with something like that right? Well let me get my confession on.

This past offseason, there were 15 coaching/GM candidates open. All 15 were filled up without a single minority hire. The most important position here is the head coach spot since GM is more behind the scenes but still you could not manage to put Lovie Smith in either of the 8 open head coaching spots? You serious? He took the Bears to the Super Bowl with Rex Grossman as his QB, so you know his DEFENSE WAS ON POINT!! He is one of the great defensive minded coaches in the past decade and Lawd knows San Diego needs some defense a little bit more than they need some offense. Philadelphia for sure. So why the hell would the Eagles bring in a college coach, Chip Kelly, with no real head coaching experience, to a team that is a clusterfuck of no defense, mediocre offense, and uncertain leadership. Thas not just one area for a coordinator but basically 3 that must be dealt with at once. its Ridiculous.

This is my beef with this Rooney rule, using minorities like some gotdamn requirement and not as a serious candidate. I'm glad they all interviewed minorities and keeping them in the loop (whoop de fucking whoop). But I rather not have the rule at all if it means some black coach is just gonna be looked at as some item on a checklist. It should come down to either youre gonna hire them or not. These execs know who they want coaching their team prolly while their current coach is still there. So why even waste time interviewing somebody you know for sure youre not gonna hire. Of course they do it with white candidates to see if there is something out there but they do that by choice and not by regulation. I would want to be treated like a human being and not a fucking rule posted on the wall.

I'm pretty sure the NFL feel they are doing a huge service for minorities but last week showed that this can be a great disservice. It exposed that no matter how much things change a lot kinda remains the same. To be less vague it means that you can't force somebody to change their mindset. All the analysts appeared outrage no minority coaches were hired but the key word is "appeared". But really is anybody surprised? Many of these franchises were created during times when African Americans were seen and treated as second class citizens; not CEO's, doctors, presidents, or head coaches. The best thing black coaches/GM's can do for themselves is go out and do their job at the highest level. Make these owners eat their decisions. Do what you do best and keep calling plays because this Rooney Rule is something the NFL needs to audible.