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Monday, April 9, 2012


Oh Tim Tebow, you will be a republican in no time. Recently the newly traded Jets QB came to Georgetown, Texas to speak at a church service and dropped a little easter egg for pro athletes being role models:

"Yes you are. You're just not a good one"

WOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!! REALLLY!!!!????? Tebow Tebow Tebow. I mean he really smacked pro athletes hard on this one. And to be honest his statement is accurate and annoying. Now generally role model is associated (not defined) with doing something positive, wholesome and fulfilling in their lives. Im not gonna put my money on a superstar of any kind to do that. Over the course of the years I have found pro athletes and celebrities to be the worst role models that there could ever be, especially the big names. Im sure we all remember Michael Jackson (child moleststation; family issues), Tiger Woods (sex addict), Michael Irvin (drugs and arrests), Kobe Bryant (sexual assault; infidelity), Mark McGwire (lying to congress) and many more!!! Nobody can ever forget the biggest fumble of them all: O.J. Simpson (robbing and accused of murder). O.J. changed the game of celebrity crime. But, with the exception of McGwire, these stars' problems arised from their personal dealings. Dealings that average sloppy joes like you and me actually go through. Think about it. Just think about your whole week last week. You can not sit there (and tweet on the side) and tell me you did not have a thought about either doing some drug (alchohol included) or wanting to fuck somebody that you wasn't suppose to. And most of you did either one or the other.

The point I'm making from this is regular people go through shit like celebs but celebs prob deal with it a larger amount considering the magnitude of their fame. You cheat on your wife and fuck a waitress from Hooters, it was prob an upgrade. Tiger Woods does it, he's the worst man in America. But on the opposite side people forgive celebs more. You go to rehab, you're a weirdo; Tiger goes to rehab, he's on the road to recovery. Now superstars are not all bad all the time. Usually when they retire they dive head first into their charities or do some philanthropy work long after their time of glory has passed. So they do become somewhat of a role model but only in their "regular people years".

So I finish with this to say. A lot of people today look at Tim Tebow as the ultimate role model mainly because of his faith and the minimal success he has had on the field. The way he carries himself in the public eye a lot of times one can even call him a role model for his peers but i rather not. Cause as glorified as his career has been the past yr and a half, he's still a human being. So that statement was bold but it raised the stakes in keeping his own image clean. He's poster child for everything wholesome now but only time will tell. And just like his opponents on the field this season every pro athlete who has heard his comment is no doubt waiting on the day that he will fuck up and they can put some dirt in the face of that image.