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Friday, August 10, 2012

Fame is a Funny Thing

So like everybody else over the past few weeks, I have been sticking my nose in the Olympics and pretending I care about the sports shown on broadcast tv cuz i wasnt fortunate enough to watch the real sports (i.e. basketball hahahaha). But of course the all-black everything persona I have taken notice to this Gabby Douglas Phenomenon and I mean damn ppl!! What the hell wrong with yall and yall comments? But then again, this is fame so what could you expect.

Fame is fucked up because there is good and bad to it. It's attention for anything you do.It was Chris Rock who said you don't wanna be the first black to do anything. When she won the gold medal, she became the first African-American All around Olympic champ and she got the good and the bad. Cuz you know when black people do something they single us out like we're some fucking aliens (or the love calling us animals; flying squirrel my ass). Yeah she may have inspired African-American girls to attempt the impossible, but the "critics" decided to come out and talk about how bad her hair was. Bich!! it's an athletic event!! If youre worried more about your hair more than how youre competing youre obviously getting your ass kicked (except for Troy Polamalu). And here comes the real kicker, when they were delving into her whole thing with her father. Applause is given to Gabby's mother for raising her on her own with little child support assistance. Yet when she threw him under the bus for leaving them, and she did a little bit considering the circumstances, that bus was a big ass bus driven by the media.

It's just a crazy look at how things can be ordinary for you one day, then upside down the next day. If she wasnt even competing in the games nobody would even care for her hair, or her father "stepping out" on her and her mother. But she did compete in the biggest sporting event in the world and will have to endure the spotlight some more considering the endorsements that will come her way. She has the ability to lay low, prob graduate high school and start college possibly or rake in all the money from reality tv. But it's unlikely Gabby feeds the VH1 and goes the route of reality tv, but then again fame is a funny thing.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

NBA Playoffs Dunks Over Others

Theres no pretty introduction but just to say it...NBA playoffs are the best playoffs of all the sports. There. Ive finally admitted it and you should too. As the first round of the NBA playoffs are winding down down I am realizing this epiphany more than ever.

Basketball is an exciting sport. You put five players on a court against five other players and they play offense and defense. No disrespect to the other major sports but when it comes to the playoffs NBA got this. NHL. Who watches it? Baseball. Dont have the time. NFL. You work one weekend and you can miss basically the whole show. But not the NBA. The first round has at least 2 games every night. And ever since they moved to the best of 7 format, it's gotten even better because the matchups play out more. Another thing about NBA playoffs is EVERYONE is playing. In the NFL the top 2 teams from each conference take that first weekend off while the bottom playoff teams duke it out. Now for injury reasons NFL won't do 7 game series but at least make the top seeds play that first weekend that well. Recent years have shown them get beat in their first game anyway. The NBA has shown no real favoritism to its top seeds either. Last year the Spurs were the 1 seed in the West but got beat by the 8 seed Grizzlies. Even as I speak, the Bulls are on the verge of elimination (granted Derrick Rose is injured) after being the 1 seed in the East. Speaking of Rose, it brings up my last point. NBA superstars bring a different excitement to fans than other sport superstars. Im watching this Lakers game right now as Kobe is hitting all these 3's back to back; Sunday Carmelo Anthony had the whole Madison Square Garden electrified when Knicks fans thought the season was over. Maybe the latter had something to do with him taking on NBA's consensus poster child Lebron James head on. Imagine if Eli Manning could ever get in the face of Tom Brady or if Josh Hamilton could go actual head to head with Derek Jeter on every play.

So first round of the playoffs are just about over and there is still more to come. Unfortunately for the NBA, Derrick Rose is out and the Eastern Conf playoffs may be a bore this year since no team can challenge the Heat too much. But then again it is the NBA and it is playoffs time and EVERYONE is PLAYING.

Monday, April 9, 2012


Oh Tim Tebow, you will be a republican in no time. Recently the newly traded Jets QB came to Georgetown, Texas to speak at a church service and dropped a little easter egg for pro athletes being role models:

"Yes you are. You're just not a good one"

WOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!! REALLLY!!!!????? Tebow Tebow Tebow. I mean he really smacked pro athletes hard on this one. And to be honest his statement is accurate and annoying. Now generally role model is associated (not defined) with doing something positive, wholesome and fulfilling in their lives. Im not gonna put my money on a superstar of any kind to do that. Over the course of the years I have found pro athletes and celebrities to be the worst role models that there could ever be, especially the big names. Im sure we all remember Michael Jackson (child moleststation; family issues), Tiger Woods (sex addict), Michael Irvin (drugs and arrests), Kobe Bryant (sexual assault; infidelity), Mark McGwire (lying to congress) and many more!!! Nobody can ever forget the biggest fumble of them all: O.J. Simpson (robbing and accused of murder). O.J. changed the game of celebrity crime. But, with the exception of McGwire, these stars' problems arised from their personal dealings. Dealings that average sloppy joes like you and me actually go through. Think about it. Just think about your whole week last week. You can not sit there (and tweet on the side) and tell me you did not have a thought about either doing some drug (alchohol included) or wanting to fuck somebody that you wasn't suppose to. And most of you did either one or the other.

The point I'm making from this is regular people go through shit like celebs but celebs prob deal with it a larger amount considering the magnitude of their fame. You cheat on your wife and fuck a waitress from Hooters, it was prob an upgrade. Tiger Woods does it, he's the worst man in America. But on the opposite side people forgive celebs more. You go to rehab, you're a weirdo; Tiger goes to rehab, he's on the road to recovery. Now superstars are not all bad all the time. Usually when they retire they dive head first into their charities or do some philanthropy work long after their time of glory has passed. So they do become somewhat of a role model but only in their "regular people years".

So I finish with this to say. A lot of people today look at Tim Tebow as the ultimate role model mainly because of his faith and the minimal success he has had on the field. The way he carries himself in the public eye a lot of times one can even call him a role model for his peers but i rather not. Cause as glorified as his career has been the past yr and a half, he's still a human being. So that statement was bold but it raised the stakes in keeping his own image clean. He's poster child for everything wholesome now but only time will tell. And just like his opponents on the field this season every pro athlete who has heard his comment is no doubt waiting on the day that he will fuck up and they can put some dirt in the face of that image.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A month of thoughts

Over the past 30 days all everybody has been talking about is the Trayvon Martin case. If you have not heard of it by now (which I doubt) it is the case of a black teen who was murdered by a white neighborhood watchman. Surely i didnt have to put the race of the parties involved but it kind of makes you wonder is race really the factor in this situation? but you also have to ask why not? George Zimmerman, head of his neighborhood watch patrol is accused of killing Trayvon Martin, a regular high school kid who was wearing a hoodie and had a bag of skittles in his hand. Usually my blogs are filled with a lil bit of light humor but I find nothing funny about this at all. There is no blog that can write about the rights that need to be done in place of the wrongs. There is no tweet that can describe the trends of injustices that this is starting to follow. The fact that this man has not been arrested for anything after 30 days is ridiculous and shows the disease that has plagued the minds of certain Americans. Never mind the race but a child is dead and a mother does not have that child anymore. For anybody in law enforcement to not see that and let that man walk around free is disgusting. And this incident has kinda woke people to the world around them. Some celebs have spoke out about it and there have been protests all across the country but still nothing has been done on the law enforcement side. And some of the aftermath of this ordeal is just as worse. Even in releasing the 911 tapes which puts Trayvon as the victim but there are reports to claim\ Trayvon was the aggressor. So I say all that to end with this. No fuckin hoodie is gonna protect you from anybody that doesnt like you for reasons they were born and raised upon. You can block every bigot from your facebook and ignore every friend request from someone you THINK is a racist, but there are million more out there looking you in your face and shaking your hand. And their minds are plagued with hatred. And some of them cant wait to leave you dead in a fuckin street so they can infect you and your family with that same hatred and let you do something that will catch their punishment.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Free At Last!!!

It's official whistle!! Peyton Manning is out of my Texans' lives for good, the AFC South is up for grabs again, and a little to my dismay Tebowmania is done!! Or is it? Cause just as recent as 2 months ago Tebowmania was at its zenith when he threw an 80 yd game winning TD in overtime against the Steelers in a playoff game. Now the Broncos are looking to throw him when they signed Peyton Manning, arguably the greatest free agent in NFL history or whatever Adam Schefter has been saying in my head for the last 2 weeks. But the funny thing is this. Ever since Tebow started his run, players and coaches in the league have been divided on whether Tebow is a good quarterback or just another great college quarterback who is prolonging joining the college analyst booth. Now will be the time to tell who is about Tebow and who isn't. There are teams out there who need quarterbacks (Miami, Cleveland, Jacksonville)but the free agent QB's out there really isn't exactly winning any Madden games for me. Outside of Peyton Manning, I believe the most bragged on free agent QB was Matt Flynn, Aaron Rodgers' backup. Not a bad way to go considering who he sat behind but at least boost up a starter. As for Tebow, it may not be so bad considering he actually has an offseason this year to work on his skills. But whoever goes after him better pray harder than he will that it works out.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Talkin Shit

Not even a full month into the new year and already the newest internet craze has hit. This year the viral trend have been videos about what ppl say and they are all based off the "Shit Girls Say" video. Soon more videos began popping up about different "ppl". And "ppl" include but not limited to (rappers, black guys, white girls, asians, christians, republicans, Obama, etc.) So I thought about sharing a few of these that caught my eye

1. Shit Black Girls Say and Shit Black Guys Say

There should be a black version to everything; it's written in the constitution. But I thought Billy Sorrells did his thing in this short viral clip in which his character, "Peaches", goes through, allegedly, all the sayings of an everyday black girl.

This may be my second fav of all these videos since i say a good percentage of these lines. Ive never used the line about "your own eyes" but oh it will be used.

2. Shit Broke People Say

Video is funny as hell cuz its so fuckin true. Im addicted to dollar menus and figuring out cover charges. And i damn sure know about them overdraft fees!!

3. shit football fans say

Many ppl that know me , know how big of a Texans fan I am and Ive gone thru all these emotions and phrases for years. Well now that they made playoffs it means a few more weeks of goin thru those emotions and phrases.

4. What didnt you say?

So with all the videos tellin us what ppl say, the funniest videos in my opinion have been what ppl do not say.

I honestly have not heard many of these words come from a black person's mouth. But you have to check out part 2 of this video as well. Amazing ending!!

This is no doubt the funniest of all the videos ive watched. The skinny jeans bit in here is hilarious!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


January has come back around for that ass and that doesnt jus mean its time for you to break New Year's resolutions (yo fat ass aint tryna walk). Nope!! It's NFL playoff time!!! This is where legends are born, stories are made, and commercials start getting a lil bit better. This year should prove no different with your mix of new teams and old favorites.

1. The New Guys
The NFL postseason has gotten a makeover this year that rivals the "playoff beard". As i mentioned, there are six new teams in the NFL playoffs this year. Only 2 of those teams (Houston, Detroit) have not had a posteseason berth in the past 10 years. Those same 2 teams also have starting quarterbacks making their postseaon debut as well as other new posteason teams: Houston with 5th round pick T.J. Yates; Cincinatti with the "red rifle" rookie Andy Dalton; Detroit's Matthew Stafford; San Francisco's long tim
e farter starter Alex Smith; and the media's cash cow known as Tim Tebow. By now a lot of football fans have heard Tebow's story of his professional career
and should be tuned in to see him take on the Steelers. Don't be surprised if Tebow Time becomes a broke Rolex.

2. Old Reliables
Congratulations if you picked the Steelers to make the playoffs this year, or the Patriots, or the Ravens, or the Saints. Woop de fuckin do. You should be as much a psychic as much as Kim Kardashian should lead marriage counseling. Unfortunately the Steelers had a very competitive division this year and a few rough spots (oh im sry, thas PR talk for got that ass spanked by Baltimore) so they ended up with a 5th seed. Nevertheless they are back with their Super Bowl opponent from last yr , Green Bay Packers. Packers have put up enough points and yards this yr to be relied upon to make playoffs next season also.

3. Hot Heads
In recent seasons, the "best" team has not really won the Super Bowl. When I say that I mean the No. 1 and 2 seed usually lose the Super Bowl or get beat in their conference's playoff by any of the lower seeds sometimes a 5 or a 6. Those lower seeds are usually on the brink of playoff elimination towards the end of the season and have to almost run the table to get in. Their "win or go home" mindset has been turned since before the season ended and usually it will allow them finish the season in the . This year that team is the Giants. This team is "hot" for the fact they were on the edge of being put out of the playoffs then they win their last 2 games to take the NFC East secure and a home playoff game. Hard to say whether or not Giants can even get to the Super Bowl, but when you have a quarterback whose last name is Manning, chances look better than everyone else.

NFL playoffs are always the shizzz and this year should be no different. Now back to your regulary scheduled boring life without me. holla black!!