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Monday, March 19, 2012

Free At Last!!!

It's official whistle!! Peyton Manning is out of my Texans' lives for good, the AFC South is up for grabs again, and a little to my dismay Tebowmania is done!! Or is it? Cause just as recent as 2 months ago Tebowmania was at its zenith when he threw an 80 yd game winning TD in overtime against the Steelers in a playoff game. Now the Broncos are looking to throw him when they signed Peyton Manning, arguably the greatest free agent in NFL history or whatever Adam Schefter has been saying in my head for the last 2 weeks. But the funny thing is this. Ever since Tebow started his run, players and coaches in the league have been divided on whether Tebow is a good quarterback or just another great college quarterback who is prolonging joining the college analyst booth. Now will be the time to tell who is about Tebow and who isn't. There are teams out there who need quarterbacks (Miami, Cleveland, Jacksonville)but the free agent QB's out there really isn't exactly winning any Madden games for me. Outside of Peyton Manning, I believe the most bragged on free agent QB was Matt Flynn, Aaron Rodgers' backup. Not a bad way to go considering who he sat behind but at least boost up a starter. As for Tebow, it may not be so bad considering he actually has an offseason this year to work on his skills. But whoever goes after him better pray harder than he will that it works out.

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