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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Roger That

This past week USA Today had an article about NFL players disapproving the way Roger Goodell has done things as commissioner. For what tho? Why are people hating on this man? What the hell has he done wrong in a business sense. NFL ratings are booming. Popularity is prolly at an all-time high. NFL concussions are being... ohhhhhh. Thas where the beef is for this burger. All these gotdamn safety rules being applied. All these fines bein put on players for jus "playing the game like it should be played". I'm not casting stones on anybody because I have seen some ridiculous calls but Goodell has been unfairly overtly criticized.NFL is going through and has went through multiple shitfests: lockouts, player safety, and concussions. 

It's not his fault the league is facing a lawsuit from 4000 NFL players regarding the mistreatment of concussions. Maybe thats why there have been new poilicies to examine concussions in-game and out-game; rules that are just as intense as the hits which cause them. You cant blame him for placing rules outlawing hits to the head on Quarterbacks and eventually  defenseless receivers in an attempt to prevent concussions and other subsequent head injuries. What about defenders? Well obviously you put fines on those that make the hit will have them think a little more fiscally and not make the hits.

Concussions and player safety may have had Goodell's most famous moment become his most indicting moment. When the Saints were discovered to have had a bounty system in place to take out certain players during the playoffs, Goodell suspended Saints coach Sean Payton for the season and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was suspended indefinitely (assistant coaches and the GM was suspended only for a handful of games). Not to mention evidence came down indicating players such as Johnathan Vilma - who was initially suspended then had it vacated - were knowingly apart of it.

Many say Goodell fucked it up and got it wrong but what would you do? Sit there let all parties go undisciplined risking what could be another lawsuit from those targeted players (Vikings QB Brett Favre and 49ers WR Kyle Williams). Nobody can say because nobody knows. What if Johnathan Vilma wouldve not been suspended for the season at all and a player got hurt from one of his tackles. We wouldve DESTROYED Goodell for not disciplining him. Just like those former NFL players are destroying the league for not disciplining themselves from staying out of games when some may have knew they were hurt.

But what can we say about this group? What can be said about the 61% who cant stand Goodell's ass? They talk down about how the game is "flag football", "it wont exist in 30 years", and all this other crap. But what's gonna happen when in 10-15 years when they are laid up or sitting around the house with seizures everyday, constant depression, outrageous behavioral episodes and other things associated with head trauma. Trust me, the headache they think are these new NFL safety rules will not compare the headache they will face from a brain injury.