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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Growing Pain

Im officiciallY fed up after these past few weeks. I keep blowing this Texans shit off but I feel like I have to say something because of all this shit goin on. The Texans are playing like a piece of shit expansion AND NEEDS TO GROW THE FUCK UP!!!! This team has never been this close to the playoffs this late in the season and now theyre bout to blow it with stupid shit. Case and point, the friggin Colts games this yr. Both games they had the lead and blew them. Peyton aint that good. Fuck it I said it and I stand by it. The same QB that threw those picks in the first half is the same one who threw those first downs in the second half. Our defense took a fuckin collapse and gave up. We couldve beat up the Colts in both games. Had Kris Brown made the field goal it would be a dif stoRy. I wont delve into the kicker point cause i wanna rant on this. Kris Brown missed the field goal against Tennesee but im so sick of the dick riders for the titans. Ever since Vince Young came back, everyone has been on the Titans tip. The same ppl that threw Vince under the bus are now beggin to drive his limo. It wasnt long ago that Tenneseee was out of the playoff picture, now at 5-6 (same record as Texans) everybody has them in a wildcard spot for sure. Houston is starting to be filled with mumbles of "Luv ya Blue" and the dredded "if we drafted vince". All of these aforementioned things are happening all while the Texans are accumulating into a deflated state of play. Other words: MELTDOWN!!!! But Texans deserve every bad thing that happens if this is how they play. They are not an expansion team anymore. They have pro bowl talent on both sides of the ball, they put up lead worthy stats, and are capable of playing at a competitve level that rivals most teams. There is no excuse for any losses that happen for the res of the season or ever. Analysts and critics have taken notice to how they have played and I agree with the disapointment they showed to my team. Houston Texans it is time that u stop actin like a bich. Gonbe are the days of being the extras in some other team's highlight reel. Gone are the days of injured players using a Texans' game as a rehab game. Gone are the days when 8-8 is an achievable goal. Those days are over. It is time for you to grow up and show the fuckin league that youre not to be pushed around any fuckin longer. 8-8 is a failure. A championship should be workin its way into your norm. I know it may kill you almost the first time tryna go after it, but jus take that as a Growing Pain.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Super Fail!!

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Superhead has done somthin I havent done in a minute, and thats take a white man's side in a matter. She called into the Rod Ryan show on 94.5 The Buzz to promote her new book about keeping a man. How tha biggest ho known to the music can tell u that, i dont know. But the hst was trying to ask her questions about the past books and she didnt want to get into all of that, prob because he was asking about who she was fuckin (droppin names like Kid Rock and Jay-Z). She hangs up on the host and the guy deserved it probably, but Superhead takes the entire FAIL FOR THIS SITUATION. When u hear the interview, its obvious the guy doesnt know who she is and caters to an audience who doesnt know or give a shit about her. At least go to where there is an audience who has a working knowledge of you, nickname and all. I mean dude kept saying Karrine Steffans and Im like "bich thats superhead"!! I guess she thought she could hide much of her past, but here goes the icebreaker: YOU SLEPT WITH HALF THE SUBSCRITION OF THE SOURCE AND XXL!! So the guy is asking all these questions about her first book and she gets angry cause she thought it was gon be about her new book. Why so mad Superhead? You choke on the wrong side of the dick this morning? Cant remember which dick u choked on this morning or 5 minutes ago? I think this is the point of her life where she is finally paying for her mistakes that she has made. She wrote two books about fucking the world and now the world is fucking her. Apparently this new book is about relationships and maintaining relationships but who is she to talk. There is a reason for the phrase "you cant turn a ho into a housewife". Before she started writing, nobody ever knew who she was except everyone in the industry. Now everyone knows whut she did and who she is now. She's jus doin all this for money since she's prob too old to be in fuckin videos again. She didnt write those books to show people the hard times of a video girl and tell people to not do those same mistakes. And thats why I wrote this. People need to be careful of the choices they make cause eventually we are gonna have to own up to whut weve done, no matter how bad they are. She made her fame off of bein a slut now she wants to be famous for bein a good woman. Im sry, but when they call u Superhead youre liable to end up with a Super Fail. Holla Black!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tale of the (Mix)Tape

Dammit Jay-Z whut the hell are u waitin on? You have to whup this nigga Game. Hip Hop needs this battle right now. Im sry ppl if I havent came in with tha usual flashy intro, but there are no other words to describe how this needs to pop off right now. Jay-Z/Game feud has been brewing for a long time and I tell ppl that everytime this current situation comes up. You can publicly trace it all the way back to when Game beefed with Memphis Bleek with songs like "State Your Name Gangsta" (yo hood show me love like I was Hov down Flushing). Jay has said he onced stayed in a part of Queens. But that wasnt the last time you would hear Game tryna bring it thru marcy projects. On his debut album, THE DOCUMENTARY, he raps on "Westside Story" : And I dont do button up shirts or drive Maybachs". Clearly it was a shot at Jay-Z, but on the album's title track is a recorded radio interview saying it was goin at Ja Rule, prob cause of Game's allegiance to his CEO, 50 Cent. Eventually Game/ 50 beef ensued but round that time Jay-Z/Game beef was about to go down. Jay did a radio freestyle (you dont really want it Hov for the record/ i put a couple of careers on hold you could be next kid; see Dear Summer off Memphis Bleek's 534 album). So time went on and basically all we got from The Game is Jay-Z references in punchlines, no disses subliminal or outward until a few yrs ago. I was downloading and stumbled on a song called My Bitch which was dissing 50 Cent, Suge Knight, and Jay-Z. The thing is though, Game rapped about these guys all bein women, hence able to use the term "my bitch". surpisingly it went way under the radar compared to the diss songs that were released goin at G-Unit, especially 300 Bars which was considered a classic. And now we've come to the present-day round of Jay-Z/Game. Apparently Jay did a show in Vegas and did a rap acapella saying: I aint talkin bout gossip/ I aint talkin bout Game. This is whut set The Game off as he has been on a literal worldwide assault freestylin all over Europe and droppin the now popular scather "Im so Wavy". The freestyle actually has ppl in a whirlwind in which he has dissed Beyonce saying:You got a bad bich word, aint a pussy like hers/ Jus ask the Cowboys, Mavericks, Rockets and Spurs. This has been hov's toughest challenge since Nas came out with Ether. Previously it was Jim Jones, but obviously Jones is not as big a lyrical threat as Game. Game must not be ignored cause he can actually win this by default, regardless of Jay's legacy. Game has been quoted to saying he will smash on hov and go back to bumpin Reasonable Doubt. Thats cold blooded, I mean some real Rick James shit. Jay-Z may have came out of retirement to chase history, but if he does not respond to The Game he will be history. HOLLA BLACK!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm Ready for my Close Up Professor Xavier

Do not be surpised if youre watching the Emmys and Superman flys in on the Red Carpet. No other genre of movie has been as huge as the Superhero movie in this decade. Before the 2000's comic book heroes were barely even heard of outside of Saturday morning cartoons and anywhere that sold magazines. Now they are summer blockbusters and the one thing keeping Blockbuster open. Coincidentally the biggest movies, Xmen and Spiderman, were some of the biggest cartoons during the 1990's and one of the best comics of all time. After they came on the air then followed Iron Man, The Hulk, Superman, a couple of Batman cartoons and The Fantastic Four. Ironically, it was this similar order in which the movies appeared. The thing is these movies do not look like comic books and that's saying a lot cause comic books barely look like comic books. When I say that Im talkin bout those basic storylines and the original campy colors more vivid than a Young Dro verse. These movies actually have a cool about them. The costumes are different in a way. The uniforms in the Xmen movie make the comic book Xmen look like they played dress up in a spandex store. The movie Xmen got on all black and makes the movie more darker and better. In fact the darker the better. For example, last summer The Dark Knight set records in sales all becuase of the performance of Heath Ledger as The Joker. In the Batman movie in the 1960's evrything was bright as shit. The Joker, The riddler, hell even the Penguin. But in the 1990's film it got more edge, but there was still a little campiness to it. 2008 cut all that out and went str8 sinister. Everybody loved it too citing it as one of the best villains of all time and there have been some bad motherfuckers!! Now these movies havent always been "super", especially in the 1990's. Many ppl hate the Batman and Robin that had Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze. Dont remember? Good!! I can recall the uneasy feeling I got when I saw Daredevil. Pretty sure it was the same feeling ppl got when they saw Elektra, the first Hulk movie, and those 2 Punisher movies. But one thing about these movies Ive always loved was the actors themselves. Danny Devito as the Penguin, Captain Picard as Professor X, Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man and Halle Berry as Storm!! Plus Nick Fury is gonna be played by Sam Jackson in 9 friggin Marvel movies. Cant U see Samuel L. cussin out Iron Man and Dr. Doom while pistol whippin Doom. I can and I will. Jus like I will go out and see the wolverine sequel, captain america movie, the next batman movie, green lantern movie, thor movie, and avengers movie. Looks like Superhero movies wont be losing their powers for a while. Holla Black!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

No Milli

"They shouldve never gave you niggas money!!" Maybe tha students at University of Arizona shouldve took heed to those words as they put up a cocnert that lost over A MILLION DOLLARS!!!! The problem I have is how the fuck did u spell a milli in the midst of a recession and i guess i found the only way. A student organization put together a concert that was headlined by Jay-Z and Kelly Clarkson. What happened? Was OJ and Ron Goldman's parents not available for the annual karaoke night? But one of the main reasons the concert blowed was the suck ass ticket prices. Niggas was chargin 140 bux for some regular seats!! Im not payin 140 to see Jay-Z in cocncert when I can pay the 25 dolla late fee on my blockbuster account and rent Fade to Black!! They deserved whutever they got. Who the fuck in Tucson Arizona gonna sell out a concert at 140 a pop? Now the forum heads on allhiphop are talkin bout Jay should give some of the money back to help the students. If i was Jay wouldnt give that 750K back. I'd go buy two new lips and tell them to KISS MY ASS!! HOLLA BLACK!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Relays:It Went Down

This past weekend was the one of the most fucked up weekends I ever had in my life yet it was one of the greatest weekends I ever had in my life. I have to be talkng about Texas Relays. In case you didnt know, relays is the black version of SXSW; musicians show up but not to do concerts and shit. The point of the whole weekend is a track and field event that has college and high school students from all over Texas. Yet you can line 10 ppl up in a line and nobody can tell where the competition was being held or whut time it started. All i know the real event was off the field.

So I decided to go with Hip Hop Congress to 6th street to promote a freestyle battle that was goin down on Apr. 23. Shit was crazy soon as we got into Kyle cause there was bumper to bumper traffic. a reck happened but shit cleared up quickly. Everything was cool til we got downtown and all hell causually flooded the streets. Niggas was everywhere!! There was niggas in front of city hall, walkin down the sidewalk, walkin down the side of buildings, hoppin out of sewers and shit!! Then we were stuck in traffic for 10 minutes before actually able to make our turn. But thats where the shit began

We make our turn and all of a sudden, niggas are startin to swerve in and out of lanes. What happened was the most embarassing thing of all: SOME NIGGA'S CAR DIED IN THE MIDDLE OF TEXAS RELAYS TRAFFIC!! How the fuck does that happen?! This nigga had tv screens all in his damn car but the battery couldnt support any of that shit!! lol. So I was able to drive past that shit but still was stuck in traffic for a good 30 min. Our whole promo crew was only 3 dudes and 5 chicks. Not a good group ratio for relays. So we decided to let 2 of the chicks get out and head to 6th street. Traffic-wise we were altogether, 3 cars, each behind each other. The "leader" of the crew was in the front car and had to use the restroom so she went to do that and took one of the dudes with her. My homeboy and I were the other dudes and he went to drive the front car. Eventually we made our way to the parking garage and able to park. But the fun doesnt stop.

We get out on the street next thing u know: gunshots!! Right in the parking garage across the street. Cops are rushing over ducking and sneaking like some fuckin action movie. There were some old heads watching on with us saying "this was much better when we were younger". Nvm the fact they was 40 years old at tha club, dont care, but they had a point big time. We was faced with a decision: stay or go home. I said we came too far to jus turn around and might as well keep it movin. We met with the the first girls that got out of my car earlier and decided everyone to stya in a group. Even in a group I felt awkward walkin around cautious of whut could go down. It was 8 of us bunched up with flyers. We passed some out to some and girls was gettin hollad at by the dudes of course but no big deal. Until I was passin out flyers, turned around and saw the crowd bust into a big ass panic and ran towards my way. I RAN FASTER THAN AN AFRICAN ON SIX DIFFERENT STEROIDS!! This shit happened 3 times!! We decided get out that hoe for one last event: Exiting traffic!!

NIGGA WE COULDNT GO NOWHERE!!! Cars was bumped up back to back on all streets! Niggas was crossin all the damn streets!! We decided to brave it out and mash towards 35. Bad fuckin idea. There were cars in the middle of the intersection blockin ppl frm goin thru the light. I got my crunchtime mode on and knew that we had to do somethin. So I gave myself a lil room in front of me and made a big ass U turn. Mashed to the next street but the same problem with cars blocking the intersection. Suddenly a hole opened up and i ran thru that bich almsot gettin my car hit but we were on our way stride free. We kept it goin til we ran upon a Shell staion and seen the biggest parkin lot pimpin ive seen in a minute!! You couldnt get inside the damn gas station for any muhfuckin gas!! We finally hit a street to take us out and the niggas in front of us was swerving back and forth with some hoes on top the car!! When they turned we jus hit up 35 and back to San Marcos.

On my way back home, I was fucking outraged!! I was thinkin bout all the ppl who went up there and it was their first time at relays. Gettin shot at, ppl gettin robbed, gettin ran over by cars, fights, and folks trampled over. But at the same time I could not help but think about the adventure of all that shit. Ridin around East Austin after 2am, dodgin huge crowds, gunshots everywhere u go. My whiteboy side says awesome and my black side u better sit yo ass down somewhere. It was an experience I will never forget and after reading this hopefully u wont either

Saturday, March 7, 2009

North America's Team

And as i was sitting down watchin the basketball game talkin shit about some females, i saw the greatest joke of the yr on the news ticker. "Terell Owens signs a 1 yr deal to Buffalo Bills". I wasnt even drunk when I saw that either so i was doubly shocked. Whut tha fuck is TO gon do in Buffalo? Thats like Lil Wayne signing to Swishahouse. But it wasnt like it was his fault. Jerry Jones finally got the gusto to cut him after a season that had more destruction than a Klan rally in Marcy pojects(gotta love thise hov references). He came frm a QB that was caked over, a coach that was soft as a bean bag chair, and a owner that was the damn mayor of the city. Pretty fun place right? Now he's heading to a city where there aint shit but hockey, snow, and wings. Not a damn thig to do. Goin to a team that ppl barely remember even plays in America. Im pretty sure if the Bills moved to Canada they would get kicked out the league and replaced by USC. But now they have Terell Owens and Dick Jauron jus bought himself 3 more yrs. That is until TO gets double teamed, Trent Edwards stops throwing to him and dates The Olsen Twins, and the whole team starts selling hot wings and pepsi. sounds familiar? Might as well. Buffalo and Dallas are the same teams. One is America's team and the other, as TO eloquenlty put it, is "North America's Team".

Monday, February 9, 2009

Out of My Mind or out of your Fuckin Mind?!

I missed you bastads. I have been sick for a week and havent been able to do a damn thing except go to class. whoop de doo. Now I finally have some idle time and gonna crnk out some heavy ass blogs this week. And while im waitin for the vid of the Grammy performance to buffer, let me break that ass with whut i missed.

All last week I was sick with allergies, so I popped some benadryl and things jus got kurt cobinish after that. I was woozy as fuck. I could not sleep for shit becuse I literally had voices in my head instructin me hw to sleep. Wal Mart benadryl may not be too poppin after this . I didnt get to see much of whut happened in the outside world. But boy did i hear the scream of white ppl when Michael Phelps blew that fuckin bong. Subway couldnt drop that bastad fast enough. Thats fucked, cuse he was a lot more fit than Jared (i actualy think Jared is puttin the weight bck on eating them Dominoes subs). Of course I kept my ear close to the hip hop world. But it was getttin blown out by 50 Cent/Rick Ross Beef. Now i hve a dmn probem with this. 50 is not exactly the next Rakim, but cme on Rick Ross? and his baby mama? seriously 50? were u jus that bored? U shouldve jus picked on Shawty Lo. U prob couldve did better nd picked on Bow Wow. That pretty much went on well into the weekend where I actually forgot about the Grammys. Part of the reason was because I was feelin better Thursday and got back on my drinkin game. Friday and Saturday was jus parties then the ball got hit out the park when I found out A-Rod was discovered to be on them roids back in 2003. So now basically all the recent heroes in baseball (McGwire, Bonds, Sosa, Clemens, A-Rod) are now among the most represented faces of the sport's Steroid Era. Baseball Tonight feels more like New Jack City everyday. Back to rap tho, I missed the Grammys cause of work, but I really wanted to see Wayne win Album of the Year, which he got robbed for. But last night I came cross some most interesting news. PPl are saying Chris Brown beat up Rihanna. I was surprised he could even fight. But Wayne, Jay-Z, T.I., Kanye, and M.I.A. beat up the stage last night performing Swagga Like Us. It was true hip hop history in my opinion. So I really dont wanna hear frm the underground niggas about that wasnt hip hop, or wu tang shoulda been there, or u jus turned on your Atmosphere cd. Cause that shit ws pretty dope to see 4 rappers with credentials like theirs come together on stage, much less n a song, and put together something wonderful. All my fellow hip hop nerds, get yo macs and pc's rollin out and blog about who has the better verse and why the fuck M.I.A. was goin hard even while pregged up. LMAO!!! HOLLA BLACK!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Coaches' Corner of a Cell

Football is my favorite sport and I played in high school so this story really kinda touches home with me. Theres a coach in Kentucky facing reckless homicde charges after one of his players have died during august training camp. Seeing as a I just left my Media Law class this morning Im inclined to just bust ass on the legal tip but I really wanna bust ass on a personal tip. He's responsible for the safety of all these kids and yet he acted in an irresponsible manner. I cant say if Kentucky is a football empire like Texas or Florida, but in a small town like this one it is a pretty big deal and Im pretty sure that this was no regular training regimen. People have said the tempeatures at the time the boy collapsed was 94 degrees on the heat index and the boy's body temp was 107 degrees when he passed out. This had to happen around noontime or 1130am, the hottest points of the day. Yet he made these kids run sprints up and down the field in pads until someone was gonna give up. When I had preseason in high school, a lot of our up and down field running was done in the morning before the sun came up without pads. In Houston, you can not take the risk of doing stuff like that with temperatures as high as they were. You cant really do that in any southern state, especially Kentucky. Yet this coach imposed his will upon his players. Im pretty sure he is a good guy and is just a tough coach, but the people are talkin like he aint know it was hot as fuck outside sayin shit like he didnt give enough water breaks. And this is comin from a lot of eyewitnesses. Criminal charges are harsh but this guy is about to get the business served. With all the problems with the weather lately, heat is definitely bound to get bad in summer months and he shouldve held some competency about that. There are people that are supporting this coach, who is also a deacon at his church. Just for supporting this guy should be a crime. Im really disgraced at the students who are supporting this man. They dont realize, regardless of criminality or not, one of their own died. I cant speak on how popular the victim was but its fucked up youre supporting the same guy who couldve easily made the same mistake with another player and their friends and family would have to deal with it. Before the victim fell out, there was another player that collapsed which shouldve been a sign things were getting out of control. I pray for everybody thats involved in this mess, cause this is something that happens all the time. Whether its high school, college, or professional there is always some irresponsibility that happens either on the players' part or the coaches' part. This trial is very important in determining the gameplan for the next incident.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama is Here

Well after damn near 2 years of classic battles, racist jokes, a consistently shitty economy, and the long awaited end of a of heavily faulty presidency, Barack Hussein Obama is finally the president of the United States of America. An African-American is our president and he actually lived to the inauguration. Yayyy!!! Now before u think this is all pizza party and kegger, let me actually give out the official real talk to Obama. Mr. presdient if u are reading this, listen up. You my friend are on ice thinner than a snow cone. Of course none of this is your fault: the piss poor economy, immigration, and a war that nobody knows when its goin to end. But the ball is in your court. People will be watchin you harder than any other president there ever was. Is it cause youre black? FUCK YEH!!! But also because, in my opinion, you are the most rock starrish president I ever saw. Clinton was pimpin, but you have enough rap songs about to max out an ipod. You have followers frm everywhere. Youve made believers of 2 key members of a Republican staff. And for a black man, and you know im right, Ive never witnessed so many white people believe in one African American in my lifetime that wasnt named Jordan, Jackson, or Woods. But that wont help you worth a damn if you fuck up. Already u started off messin up the oath and had to redo it. Bush mightve got away with it but u aint Bush. People, plz dont think im raggin on obama cause all this shit is true. Everybody that voted for him, especially cause he's black, needs to stay on him. Cause when the shit go down and we fucked even worse, they not gon say these were problems happening prior to his term. They gon say a black man put this country in a black hole. Lades and Gentlemen Obama is here!!! Lets Get to work!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Who's Next?

Like every other person with at least 5 dollas in their pocket and someone workin the back do, I went to see Notorious. It was one of the best movies I ever saw and it basically shits on Seven Pounds (blog comin soon). So I asked myself, ive seen movies about Eminem, 50 Cent, and snippets of the Ray J sex tape, but who is the next rapper* to actually have a movie made for them? Well knuckleheads I got u covered check out the candidates for next hip hop biopic!!!

why not make him the first choice? its BIG’s homey after Cease. the story of a Brooklyn MC who sells drugs and makes it as a rapper and CEO. it’s the alternate ending to Notorious. starring Jimmie Walker as Jay-Z

Lil Wayne
i really shouldve saved this as the best for last. when this movie comes out…omg becky!!! a rapper who started at 14 under his “father’s” record label experiences the trials and tribulations of superstardom as he eventually becomes the greatest rapper alive. at the rate Wayne is goin, when his shit comes out its gon be made into a holiday. starring Flava Flav as younger Wayne, and Whoopi Goldberg as Wayne after the first Carter album.

whut better Texas representers to put down other than UGK? 2 best friends frm the gritty streets of Port Arthur, Texas try to make it in the music biz their own way and not succumbing to the ideals of the industry. it wouldn’t be a empty theatre in the South. starring Keemon( that’s my homeboy!!) as Bun B, and Uncle Phil as Pimp C

eventually this shit is gonna happen. another rapper that sold drugs(its like a requirement damn near) makin it in the music biz but caught in all types of legal shit during his career. I actually see T.I. playin himself in this one cause he’s 28 but look all types of 14-21.

The Game
i was gonna delete thism choice and put DMX and OutKast, but lets be honest. don’t u wanna laugh at this nigga tryna be a stripper? and really tryin to get a record deal in jus 4 yrs of rappin? too entertaining. starring Michael Ealy as The Game

who’s not gonna wanna wach this? former b-boy who starts his career off a feature verse, makes a classic hip hop album and has one of the greates battles of all time. ok maybe not as much story there cause theres no end right now, but the scandals are jus as great. starring Hill Harper as Nas

Kanye West
why in the hell would i not put this on here? honestly!! im surprised it has not come any sooner. a record producer who struggles trying to get on and make it as a rapper almost dies in a car crash but lives and makes it as one of the top artists in the game. do i even need waste my typing saying who’s gon play Kanye? he will!! he’s gonna play all the ages and u all know this shit!!!!

So those are my pics for the next biopics.

*i actually compared Ray J to bein a rapper. lol. yeh right

The Inaug Blog

Ladies and Gentlemen!! Rappers!! random muhfuckas!!! Dearly Beloved and hated!!! my fellow Americans and nerd folks!! hip hop heads!! The Time has come for change. For truth. Truth we can all believe in. On this day of remembrance of one of our greatest civil rights leaders, on this week in which the U.S.A. will elect its first black president, I myself plan on rewriting black history into a DVD and becoming its favorite scene that all the blu ray technology in the world is gonna have to capture. Why name this blog DumbOut Domain? I read magazines, blogs, and watch some news stories. One of things I hate about just any news story is big ass words. All thru school teachers have been encouraging to read newspapers to expand vocabulary. Im sorry, but if you are in the business of communication why not learn how to talk to people instead of over a lot of people. I even find columnists doin this and it just makes me sick. Don’t give me Bush’s approval rating numbers, jus blatantly say he’s fuckin up!! If Donovan McNabb is messin up at the beginning of the year and still makes a playoff run, call his ass wack. Why not just dum bout and tell the news the way you see it the way you learned to speak it. So therefore this blog is not just about throwing away the wack standards of the English language but also about truth. More than anything people are always searching for clarity. We are having some hard times and strange times. Nobody knows what the hell is goin on, not even the people that usually do know before everyone else. We’re about to get a black president. Will he be one of the greatest political figures like Roosevelt, Ike, or Clinton? or will it be Dummy W 3?(that’s Bush for the slow heads) or some more Marian Berry mayhem. People are starting accept more gays even thought it’s a sin in the Bible. On the other hand they are also killing them as well and discriminating against them more publicly. But this society also promotes lying, killin, and premarital sex, what I like to call the throwback sins. This is how I will be breakin this shit down. Everyone talks about hoping for a good vs. bad matchup, finding right vs. wrong. But in clear truth nothing is ever cut and dry. Theres always a flavor and someone always swallow the bad taste in their mouth from news stories jus using all types of language that covers up the truth, the very thing they are suppose to deliver. So i say to you that truth is everywhere. It doesn’t come with a thesaurus and dictionary. It doesn’t come with a spin. It doesn’t come with a news release, press conference, or photo shoot. So with that bein said I leave you with this line:

“They say the truth shall come to the light, so verybody grab your shades cause your boy that bright” – Jay-Z

Welcome to the DumbOut Domain. HOLLA BLACK!! GET DUMB!!