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Monday, January 19, 2009

Who's Next?

Like every other person with at least 5 dollas in their pocket and someone workin the back do, I went to see Notorious. It was one of the best movies I ever saw and it basically shits on Seven Pounds (blog comin soon). So I asked myself, ive seen movies about Eminem, 50 Cent, and snippets of the Ray J sex tape, but who is the next rapper* to actually have a movie made for them? Well knuckleheads I got u covered check out the candidates for next hip hop biopic!!!

why not make him the first choice? its BIG’s homey after Cease. the story of a Brooklyn MC who sells drugs and makes it as a rapper and CEO. it’s the alternate ending to Notorious. starring Jimmie Walker as Jay-Z

Lil Wayne
i really shouldve saved this as the best for last. when this movie comes out…omg becky!!! a rapper who started at 14 under his “father’s” record label experiences the trials and tribulations of superstardom as he eventually becomes the greatest rapper alive. at the rate Wayne is goin, when his shit comes out its gon be made into a holiday. starring Flava Flav as younger Wayne, and Whoopi Goldberg as Wayne after the first Carter album.

whut better Texas representers to put down other than UGK? 2 best friends frm the gritty streets of Port Arthur, Texas try to make it in the music biz their own way and not succumbing to the ideals of the industry. it wouldn’t be a empty theatre in the South. starring Keemon( that’s my homeboy!!) as Bun B, and Uncle Phil as Pimp C

eventually this shit is gonna happen. another rapper that sold drugs(its like a requirement damn near) makin it in the music biz but caught in all types of legal shit during his career. I actually see T.I. playin himself in this one cause he’s 28 but look all types of 14-21.

The Game
i was gonna delete thism choice and put DMX and OutKast, but lets be honest. don’t u wanna laugh at this nigga tryna be a stripper? and really tryin to get a record deal in jus 4 yrs of rappin? too entertaining. starring Michael Ealy as The Game

who’s not gonna wanna wach this? former b-boy who starts his career off a feature verse, makes a classic hip hop album and has one of the greates battles of all time. ok maybe not as much story there cause theres no end right now, but the scandals are jus as great. starring Hill Harper as Nas

Kanye West
why in the hell would i not put this on here? honestly!! im surprised it has not come any sooner. a record producer who struggles trying to get on and make it as a rapper almost dies in a car crash but lives and makes it as one of the top artists in the game. do i even need waste my typing saying who’s gon play Kanye? he will!! he’s gonna play all the ages and u all know this shit!!!!

So those are my pics for the next biopics.

*i actually compared Ray J to bein a rapper. lol. yeh right

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