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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama is Here

Well after damn near 2 years of classic battles, racist jokes, a consistently shitty economy, and the long awaited end of a of heavily faulty presidency, Barack Hussein Obama is finally the president of the United States of America. An African-American is our president and he actually lived to the inauguration. Yayyy!!! Now before u think this is all pizza party and kegger, let me actually give out the official real talk to Obama. Mr. presdient if u are reading this, listen up. You my friend are on ice thinner than a snow cone. Of course none of this is your fault: the piss poor economy, immigration, and a war that nobody knows when its goin to end. But the ball is in your court. People will be watchin you harder than any other president there ever was. Is it cause youre black? FUCK YEH!!! But also because, in my opinion, you are the most rock starrish president I ever saw. Clinton was pimpin, but you have enough rap songs about to max out an ipod. You have followers frm everywhere. Youve made believers of 2 key members of a Republican staff. And for a black man, and you know im right, Ive never witnessed so many white people believe in one African American in my lifetime that wasnt named Jordan, Jackson, or Woods. But that wont help you worth a damn if you fuck up. Already u started off messin up the oath and had to redo it. Bush mightve got away with it but u aint Bush. People, plz dont think im raggin on obama cause all this shit is true. Everybody that voted for him, especially cause he's black, needs to stay on him. Cause when the shit go down and we fucked even worse, they not gon say these were problems happening prior to his term. They gon say a black man put this country in a black hole. Lades and Gentlemen Obama is here!!! Lets Get to work!!!

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