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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Coaches' Corner of a Cell

Football is my favorite sport and I played in high school so this story really kinda touches home with me. Theres a coach in Kentucky facing reckless homicde charges after one of his players have died during august training camp. Seeing as a I just left my Media Law class this morning Im inclined to just bust ass on the legal tip but I really wanna bust ass on a personal tip. He's responsible for the safety of all these kids and yet he acted in an irresponsible manner. I cant say if Kentucky is a football empire like Texas or Florida, but in a small town like this one it is a pretty big deal and Im pretty sure that this was no regular training regimen. People have said the tempeatures at the time the boy collapsed was 94 degrees on the heat index and the boy's body temp was 107 degrees when he passed out. This had to happen around noontime or 1130am, the hottest points of the day. Yet he made these kids run sprints up and down the field in pads until someone was gonna give up. When I had preseason in high school, a lot of our up and down field running was done in the morning before the sun came up without pads. In Houston, you can not take the risk of doing stuff like that with temperatures as high as they were. You cant really do that in any southern state, especially Kentucky. Yet this coach imposed his will upon his players. Im pretty sure he is a good guy and is just a tough coach, but the people are talkin like he aint know it was hot as fuck outside sayin shit like he didnt give enough water breaks. And this is comin from a lot of eyewitnesses. Criminal charges are harsh but this guy is about to get the business served. With all the problems with the weather lately, heat is definitely bound to get bad in summer months and he shouldve held some competency about that. There are people that are supporting this coach, who is also a deacon at his church. Just for supporting this guy should be a crime. Im really disgraced at the students who are supporting this man. They dont realize, regardless of criminality or not, one of their own died. I cant speak on how popular the victim was but its fucked up youre supporting the same guy who couldve easily made the same mistake with another player and their friends and family would have to deal with it. Before the victim fell out, there was another player that collapsed which shouldve been a sign things were getting out of control. I pray for everybody thats involved in this mess, cause this is something that happens all the time. Whether its high school, college, or professional there is always some irresponsibility that happens either on the players' part or the coaches' part. This trial is very important in determining the gameplan for the next incident.

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