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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Good Kid Maad Rappers

It is unanimous Kendrick Lamar has apparently saved hip hop according to social media. I woke up and saw the quotes in my Instagram and knew I had to repost. In case you been under a rock or watching MTV Kendrick Lamar dropped a verse on Big Sean's Control calling out half the current rap game and the whole damn internet went crazy. Is hip hop "back"?

Cause you know thas the phrase all underground rappers and hip hop heads are spouting. "Hip hop is back"; "Hip hop needs this"; "Kendrick that real shit". For once I have to throw all favor into the pseudo-conservative nature of hip hop heads. Hip Hop is extrememely competitive. Even tho battle rappers rarely make it to the mainstream there is still a market for rap battles. But there has not been a good lyrical battle between mainstream rappers in a long time. I would not compare to this Nas/Jay Z since that stemmed from a personal issue or 50 Cent/Game since that was one sided in favor of The Game. But that drought has ended. Joell Ortiz has already responded to the verse with his own version and he wasn't even mentioned!! Already good things are happening for rap's competitive arena and can't wait for these other comtemporaries to step up.

But there has to be a negative to this right?  You know how rappers do. MC sees MC do. Remember when Rick Ross put out that Big Meech song? Everybody thought they were somebody other than themselves.  It was a big ass lyrical costume party. So will every rapper be calling out other rappers. I pray to God they don't. Cause it won't be just rappers you heard about. It's gon be the local mofos recording in they closet calling out a bunch of niggas you know nothing about and everybody gon be confused and angry at each other. And of course the ultimate negative I feel will come frm this: nothing happens. All we're gonna get from the rappers mentioned is a bunch of "I like it, it's good for hip hop"; "He is getting fans to my music". Ain't nobody got time for that. We tryna see some collabs now. No talking, more rapping!! We tryna see who gon beast Kendrick Lamar on his own joint or who gon let him on their shit. BASICALLY WHO AINT SCARED TO GO HEADS UP WITH K DOT!!!!

So Kudos to Kendrick Conan for dropping that shit. Rappers I shouldn't have to tell you but take notice. Step your feature game up cause apparently you have been lacking. People talk shit about Lil Wayne but yall remember at one point he was the king of guest verses. And after this verse that crown may be passed around more than a few times.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Murder Rap

Some idiot got arrested for a double homicide. The reason he is an idiot is because the cops listened to one of his rap songs and linked his lyrics to the crime. Why can't you be a rapper that lies like the other rappers?
Rappers always talking shit about something tho. I'm not even gon bring no links in this because we all know a rap song that says something criminally negligent even if you have never heard a rap song in your life. Just a a few months ago rick Ross lost his Reebok deal because he rapped about slipping a date rape drug in some chick's drink. Every rap show I perform at i can count on another rapper shouting this phrase, "Who smokes weed?" I bet you be real surprised if the police stepped in and asked the same question. In fact you might be suprised if one of yo fans answered and got arrested (which is dumb off in itself for that fan). I can write 500 books on the laws broken in rap songs but a lot of times these guys are caught in these lies. Caught up by some gimmick the label has them do to sell records. And they keep these fake personas going until they run into some real trouble. Look at T.I. His first couple albums he was superthug!! He got hit with that first gun charge and damn near became Cosby. Exceptions to this would prolly be Chief Keef and Lil Wayne. I dont know why but maybe it has something to do with dreads.
 As for this fool, he got what he deserved and maybe more. Obviously for the double homicide and for being stupid.  Its an unwritten rule that if you do a crime you shouldn't talk about it in the form of one of the more popular music' genres in the world, in other words: don't rap that shit. People dont remember 5 words their boss told them to do this morning but they can recite the new Drake song that they listened to once. So yeah sir, the only bars you will have will not come from your notepad.