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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My agony of Facebook

The other day I had a convo with a friend and she told me she deactivated her facebook. Said that it was a distraction and most of all there was so much negativity. Then it dawned on me, facebook has some shit on there that it really needs to filter or get rid of and imma let yall niggas know bout it. 

I don't know if anybody has seen these moody mopy ass statuses posted throughout; but I have seen extra moody mopy ass statuses about them. You know the ones where they go "facebook is negative", "stop complainin", and other crap. Here's a new flash: change your fuckin circle and shut the fuck up. Ur no better than they whinin ass. You have over 1000 friends u can't tell me honestly that those are the only mofos who actually matter that much to waste your character space. Facebook oughta charge you for fuckin up my newsfeed. 

Religous and sensitive posts kinda hit me the wrong way sometimes. I feel like if I ignore a picture I'm goin to hell, somebody dies from cancer, or a puppy loses a paw. Wassup with all the guilt. I'm not sure what church you go to but I highly doubt God is gonna determine your place in heaven based on how many times you share a photo. 

Anti religous posts killlll me!! Oh my God we get it you don't go to to church. Whoop de doo what do you want? No communion? What really irks me are the criticisms ppl have which are seemingly always against christianity."Jesus was black, who this white man?" "Preachers drive fancy cars, and congregation drive crap" blah blah blah catholics ain't right blah blah republicans said this yada yada. Everybody has a right to their own opinion but damn tho this shit ain't happenin on Twitter. Find another religion!! So what Jesus is painted as white. Its America!! Theyre motto is "if it ain't white it ain't right" (fight me on that). There's a lot of things in the Bible people don't follow today (which ironically is an argument used by atheists) so let it go!! As far as preachers or churches "getting money", if it is to the point of harassment or gunpoint your church is hounding you for money find another church. If you can't afford to pay tithes don't pay them!! God knows everything even when you broke!!

Relationship memes are the worst. You know what they are: "be the one she holds..." and aw hell i threw up in my mouth just now lol. Just like  the religous segment, No picture is gonna stop some douchebag frm being a douchebag to his girlfriend. The same ppl who makes those memes are probably some lonely thirsty fucks seeking attention. Obviously those same people are single because people in relationships dont have time for that shit. They too busy bein in a relationship.

So there I said it. Tired of the fuckery on facebook. People it's social media not a protest rally or a church or a dating site. Log in, do nothing useful, log off simple as that. We could be back in the olden days when you actually had to interact with people face to face. But a lot of yall mentioned in today's activities are too ugly to handle that pressure.