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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Talkin Heat Shit: My Pep Talk for Lebron James

Dear Lebron James:

This is it nigga!! The NBA Finals!! I aint got any stats for you, no gameplan, jus this bullshit pep talk. You made a bold ass decision to leave the place you grew up in all for this moment right here. And you had a right to. I aint gon discredit that. You wanted to get help as a Cleveland Cavalier to win a championship and they bring in Antwan Jamison. Hell if they brought in Antwan Jamison to Shipley Donuts i would stop eating donuts. But the point is this road has been a long and winding road. Think of the shit that has gone down since then. Your city hates you!! Yo mama got arrested!! Yall were being called overrated, crybabies, and counted out from winning the title even as recent at the beginning of the playoffs. Hell Bin Laden had a cap put in that ass. Thas some bad shit right? But look at what happened when it mattered. You beat the Sixers. You beat the champion favored Celtics in 5 games nonetheless. You beat the Chicago Bulls who were favored to beat you after the first game and after D Wade got dunked on. You figured out a way to win in clutch situations. But none of that shit will matter if you do not win this championship this year. Nothing at all. Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh (never really mattered anyway), tha pep rally, the decision will all go to waste if you do not get the ring. Think im tryna scare just look around. Everybody is gettin better: New York, New Jersey, Chicago. The Eastern Conference is gonna be what the Western conference was in the past decade. Before you know it, youre frm the bottom at the 8th seed wondering when am i gonna get my chance again? Well fuck that, go after the chance you have now. Fuck all the glitz glamour bullshit that ur usually associated and play some fuck in basketball. Make dunks, make 3's, get your assists up but most of all dont make sure people are watching but make sure they WITNESS!!!!

my prediction: Heat in 7. Holla Black

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

mission accomplished?

this is my video reaction to the death of osama bin laden. enjoy!!