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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Do Lyrics Matter?

Its crazy how Waka Flaka Flame thinks lyrics dont matter.Like im really trippin out on how he thinks that is a viable statement because it doesnt matter who you are, lyrics will always matter. Sry non rappin ass niggas, but rappin ass niggas may be here for a while. But ppl will get lyricism confused as jus being one thing. The general perception for lyricism is that niggas are rappin at complex levels , whether its 100 meanings on one line or 100 rymes on one line. Well i aint a general nigga therefore my perception is way dif and this is how it goes: LYRICISM ONLY BOILS DOWN TO CREATIVTY AND RELATIVITY( REALITY). Seems like a pretty accurate hypothesis after a two day thought process but it jus seems true.Creativity makes your mind work more into whut u say and makes you think of better ways to say your message. Its not an easy task, because Ive had to rewrite this intro at least 5 times already. Take a look at Lil Wayne. There are a lot of ppl that say weezy is the shit as well as a lot that say he sucks. What makes Lil Wayne good is his creativity. Im not the bigest Lil Wayne fan, but I admire his creativity on his punchlines and songs. If you listen to rap music "Mrs. Officer" is a very creative radio song and thats rare considering the shit you usually hear on the radio. It wasnt corny, it was cool and it stuck to the whole subject of the song, which was fucking a female cop. Speaking of whut you usually hear, lets speak on relativity or reality. I thnk this is where artists are make it or break it at being named lyricists. Basically over the last 10 years the percentage of rap songs have been about money, car, ho, or all in one. Believe it or not rappers used to to be known for rapping about how people actually feel and not everybody shared the experience of bangin or spending a million dollas without worries. When N.W.A. came out, their rymes were far frm complexity but they were very real. If you listen to any of Eazy E's raps he is no way at the speed of Talib Kweli, but the things he rapped about were so real that later on rap historians put him up there as a lyrical mc. The same goes for 50 Cent . As an underground rapper his lyrics were not even close to the braggadocio (SAT big word lookin ass nigga!!) that everyone is starting to associate him with. Songs like "Ghetto Quran" and "Get out the Club" from his Power of the Dollar album were usually about regular shit that an average person fom the hood would talk about instead of what an average person from Beverly Hills would talk about. To close this blog turned thesis out, think about when you went to an artist's show. Waka Flaka Flame (ol wocka wocka wocka lookin ass nigga!!) says lyrics dont matter as long as he's gettin four shows out the week. Well, if youre gettin 4 shows out the week anywhere then its because of lyrics. Take a look at J. Cole, now he doesnt really have a huge song on the radio et he was able to do a Texas Tour a couple months back. Why? Its obvious because he had soemthin to listen to other than the damn hook. Whut was that something? It was lyrics. That one was pretty easy. But to wrap it all up, lyrics will always matter in some form or another. Its hard to be successful without having some lyrical strength. Fans are always gonna look for that rapper that goes hard, its jus somethin thats apart of the rap game.