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Monday, January 19, 2009

The Inaug Blog

Ladies and Gentlemen!! Rappers!! random muhfuckas!!! Dearly Beloved and hated!!! my fellow Americans and nerd folks!! hip hop heads!! The Time has come for change. For truth. Truth we can all believe in. On this day of remembrance of one of our greatest civil rights leaders, on this week in which the U.S.A. will elect its first black president, I myself plan on rewriting black history into a DVD and becoming its favorite scene that all the blu ray technology in the world is gonna have to capture. Why name this blog DumbOut Domain? I read magazines, blogs, and watch some news stories. One of things I hate about just any news story is big ass words. All thru school teachers have been encouraging to read newspapers to expand vocabulary. Im sorry, but if you are in the business of communication why not learn how to talk to people instead of over a lot of people. I even find columnists doin this and it just makes me sick. Don’t give me Bush’s approval rating numbers, jus blatantly say he’s fuckin up!! If Donovan McNabb is messin up at the beginning of the year and still makes a playoff run, call his ass wack. Why not just dum bout and tell the news the way you see it the way you learned to speak it. So therefore this blog is not just about throwing away the wack standards of the English language but also about truth. More than anything people are always searching for clarity. We are having some hard times and strange times. Nobody knows what the hell is goin on, not even the people that usually do know before everyone else. We’re about to get a black president. Will he be one of the greatest political figures like Roosevelt, Ike, or Clinton? or will it be Dummy W 3?(that’s Bush for the slow heads) or some more Marian Berry mayhem. People are starting accept more gays even thought it’s a sin in the Bible. On the other hand they are also killing them as well and discriminating against them more publicly. But this society also promotes lying, killin, and premarital sex, what I like to call the throwback sins. This is how I will be breakin this shit down. Everyone talks about hoping for a good vs. bad matchup, finding right vs. wrong. But in clear truth nothing is ever cut and dry. Theres always a flavor and someone always swallow the bad taste in their mouth from news stories jus using all types of language that covers up the truth, the very thing they are suppose to deliver. So i say to you that truth is everywhere. It doesn’t come with a thesaurus and dictionary. It doesn’t come with a spin. It doesn’t come with a news release, press conference, or photo shoot. So with that bein said I leave you with this line:

“They say the truth shall come to the light, so verybody grab your shades cause your boy that bright” – Jay-Z

Welcome to the DumbOut Domain. HOLLA BLACK!! GET DUMB!!

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