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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Relays:It Went Down

This past weekend was the one of the most fucked up weekends I ever had in my life yet it was one of the greatest weekends I ever had in my life. I have to be talkng about Texas Relays. In case you didnt know, relays is the black version of SXSW; musicians show up but not to do concerts and shit. The point of the whole weekend is a track and field event that has college and high school students from all over Texas. Yet you can line 10 ppl up in a line and nobody can tell where the competition was being held or whut time it started. All i know the real event was off the field.

So I decided to go with Hip Hop Congress to 6th street to promote a freestyle battle that was goin down on Apr. 23. Shit was crazy soon as we got into Kyle cause there was bumper to bumper traffic. a reck happened but shit cleared up quickly. Everything was cool til we got downtown and all hell causually flooded the streets. Niggas was everywhere!! There was niggas in front of city hall, walkin down the sidewalk, walkin down the side of buildings, hoppin out of sewers and shit!! Then we were stuck in traffic for 10 minutes before actually able to make our turn. But thats where the shit began

We make our turn and all of a sudden, niggas are startin to swerve in and out of lanes. What happened was the most embarassing thing of all: SOME NIGGA'S CAR DIED IN THE MIDDLE OF TEXAS RELAYS TRAFFIC!! How the fuck does that happen?! This nigga had tv screens all in his damn car but the battery couldnt support any of that shit!! lol. So I was able to drive past that shit but still was stuck in traffic for a good 30 min. Our whole promo crew was only 3 dudes and 5 chicks. Not a good group ratio for relays. So we decided to let 2 of the chicks get out and head to 6th street. Traffic-wise we were altogether, 3 cars, each behind each other. The "leader" of the crew was in the front car and had to use the restroom so she went to do that and took one of the dudes with her. My homeboy and I were the other dudes and he went to drive the front car. Eventually we made our way to the parking garage and able to park. But the fun doesnt stop.

We get out on the street next thing u know: gunshots!! Right in the parking garage across the street. Cops are rushing over ducking and sneaking like some fuckin action movie. There were some old heads watching on with us saying "this was much better when we were younger". Nvm the fact they was 40 years old at tha club, dont care, but they had a point big time. We was faced with a decision: stay or go home. I said we came too far to jus turn around and might as well keep it movin. We met with the the first girls that got out of my car earlier and decided everyone to stya in a group. Even in a group I felt awkward walkin around cautious of whut could go down. It was 8 of us bunched up with flyers. We passed some out to some and girls was gettin hollad at by the dudes of course but no big deal. Until I was passin out flyers, turned around and saw the crowd bust into a big ass panic and ran towards my way. I RAN FASTER THAN AN AFRICAN ON SIX DIFFERENT STEROIDS!! This shit happened 3 times!! We decided get out that hoe for one last event: Exiting traffic!!

NIGGA WE COULDNT GO NOWHERE!!! Cars was bumped up back to back on all streets! Niggas was crossin all the damn streets!! We decided to brave it out and mash towards 35. Bad fuckin idea. There were cars in the middle of the intersection blockin ppl frm goin thru the light. I got my crunchtime mode on and knew that we had to do somethin. So I gave myself a lil room in front of me and made a big ass U turn. Mashed to the next street but the same problem with cars blocking the intersection. Suddenly a hole opened up and i ran thru that bich almsot gettin my car hit but we were on our way stride free. We kept it goin til we ran upon a Shell staion and seen the biggest parkin lot pimpin ive seen in a minute!! You couldnt get inside the damn gas station for any muhfuckin gas!! We finally hit a street to take us out and the niggas in front of us was swerving back and forth with some hoes on top the car!! When they turned we jus hit up 35 and back to San Marcos.

On my way back home, I was fucking outraged!! I was thinkin bout all the ppl who went up there and it was their first time at relays. Gettin shot at, ppl gettin robbed, gettin ran over by cars, fights, and folks trampled over. But at the same time I could not help but think about the adventure of all that shit. Ridin around East Austin after 2am, dodgin huge crowds, gunshots everywhere u go. My whiteboy side says awesome and my black side u better sit yo ass down somewhere. It was an experience I will never forget and after reading this hopefully u wont either

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