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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

No Milli

"They shouldve never gave you niggas money!!" Maybe tha students at University of Arizona shouldve took heed to those words as they put up a cocnert that lost over A MILLION DOLLARS!!!! The problem I have is how the fuck did u spell a milli in the midst of a recession and i guess i found the only way. A student organization put together a concert that was headlined by Jay-Z and Kelly Clarkson. What happened? Was OJ and Ron Goldman's parents not available for the annual karaoke night? But one of the main reasons the concert blowed was the suck ass ticket prices. Niggas was chargin 140 bux for some regular seats!! Im not payin 140 to see Jay-Z in cocncert when I can pay the 25 dolla late fee on my blockbuster account and rent Fade to Black!! They deserved whutever they got. Who the fuck in Tucson Arizona gonna sell out a concert at 140 a pop? Now the forum heads on allhiphop are talkin bout Jay should give some of the money back to help the students. If i was Jay wouldnt give that 750K back. I'd go buy two new lips and tell them to KISS MY ASS!! HOLLA BLACK!!

1 hatements:

Eric said...

wow! I guess Arizona isn't the school if you want to get into marketing...

When will they learn?! if you lower the ticket prices more fans will come! that's elementary-level stuff!

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