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Saturday, March 7, 2009

North America's Team

And as i was sitting down watchin the basketball game talkin shit about some females, i saw the greatest joke of the yr on the news ticker. "Terell Owens signs a 1 yr deal to Buffalo Bills". I wasnt even drunk when I saw that either so i was doubly shocked. Whut tha fuck is TO gon do in Buffalo? Thats like Lil Wayne signing to Swishahouse. But it wasnt like it was his fault. Jerry Jones finally got the gusto to cut him after a season that had more destruction than a Klan rally in Marcy pojects(gotta love thise hov references). He came frm a QB that was caked over, a coach that was soft as a bean bag chair, and a owner that was the damn mayor of the city. Pretty fun place right? Now he's heading to a city where there aint shit but hockey, snow, and wings. Not a damn thig to do. Goin to a team that ppl barely remember even plays in America. Im pretty sure if the Bills moved to Canada they would get kicked out the league and replaced by USC. But now they have Terell Owens and Dick Jauron jus bought himself 3 more yrs. That is until TO gets double teamed, Trent Edwards stops throwing to him and dates The Olsen Twins, and the whole team starts selling hot wings and pepsi. sounds familiar? Might as well. Buffalo and Dallas are the same teams. One is America's team and the other, as TO eloquenlty put it, is "North America's Team".

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