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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Growing Pain

Im officiciallY fed up after these past few weeks. I keep blowing this Texans shit off but I feel like I have to say something because of all this shit goin on. The Texans are playing like a piece of shit expansion AND NEEDS TO GROW THE FUCK UP!!!! This team has never been this close to the playoffs this late in the season and now theyre bout to blow it with stupid shit. Case and point, the friggin Colts games this yr. Both games they had the lead and blew them. Peyton aint that good. Fuck it I said it and I stand by it. The same QB that threw those picks in the first half is the same one who threw those first downs in the second half. Our defense took a fuckin collapse and gave up. We couldve beat up the Colts in both games. Had Kris Brown made the field goal it would be a dif stoRy. I wont delve into the kicker point cause i wanna rant on this. Kris Brown missed the field goal against Tennesee but im so sick of the dick riders for the titans. Ever since Vince Young came back, everyone has been on the Titans tip. The same ppl that threw Vince under the bus are now beggin to drive his limo. It wasnt long ago that Tenneseee was out of the playoff picture, now at 5-6 (same record as Texans) everybody has them in a wildcard spot for sure. Houston is starting to be filled with mumbles of "Luv ya Blue" and the dredded "if we drafted vince". All of these aforementioned things are happening all while the Texans are accumulating into a deflated state of play. Other words: MELTDOWN!!!! But Texans deserve every bad thing that happens if this is how they play. They are not an expansion team anymore. They have pro bowl talent on both sides of the ball, they put up lead worthy stats, and are capable of playing at a competitve level that rivals most teams. There is no excuse for any losses that happen for the res of the season or ever. Analysts and critics have taken notice to how they have played and I agree with the disapointment they showed to my team. Houston Texans it is time that u stop actin like a bich. Gonbe are the days of being the extras in some other team's highlight reel. Gone are the days of injured players using a Texans' game as a rehab game. Gone are the days when 8-8 is an achievable goal. Those days are over. It is time for you to grow up and show the fuckin league that youre not to be pushed around any fuckin longer. 8-8 is a failure. A championship should be workin its way into your norm. I know it may kill you almost the first time tryna go after it, but jus take that as a Growing Pain.

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Anonymous said...

Its me Ugo

brandon answer this question:

How many teams in the last 25 yrs have won consistently with a back up qb. Brady is an anomaly and the jury is still out on Romo.

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