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Thursday, March 29, 2012

A month of thoughts

Over the past 30 days all everybody has been talking about is the Trayvon Martin case. If you have not heard of it by now (which I doubt) it is the case of a black teen who was murdered by a white neighborhood watchman. Surely i didnt have to put the race of the parties involved but it kind of makes you wonder is race really the factor in this situation? but you also have to ask why not? George Zimmerman, head of his neighborhood watch patrol is accused of killing Trayvon Martin, a regular high school kid who was wearing a hoodie and had a bag of skittles in his hand. Usually my blogs are filled with a lil bit of light humor but I find nothing funny about this at all. There is no blog that can write about the rights that need to be done in place of the wrongs. There is no tweet that can describe the trends of injustices that this is starting to follow. The fact that this man has not been arrested for anything after 30 days is ridiculous and shows the disease that has plagued the minds of certain Americans. Never mind the race but a child is dead and a mother does not have that child anymore. For anybody in law enforcement to not see that and let that man walk around free is disgusting. And this incident has kinda woke people to the world around them. Some celebs have spoke out about it and there have been protests all across the country but still nothing has been done on the law enforcement side. And some of the aftermath of this ordeal is just as worse. Even in releasing the 911 tapes which puts Trayvon as the victim but there are reports to claim\ Trayvon was the aggressor. So I say all that to end with this. No fuckin hoodie is gonna protect you from anybody that doesnt like you for reasons they were born and raised upon. You can block every bigot from your facebook and ignore every friend request from someone you THINK is a racist, but there are million more out there looking you in your face and shaking your hand. And their minds are plagued with hatred. And some of them cant wait to leave you dead in a fuckin street so they can infect you and your family with that same hatred and let you do something that will catch their punishment.

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