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Friday, August 10, 2012

Fame is a Funny Thing

So like everybody else over the past few weeks, I have been sticking my nose in the Olympics and pretending I care about the sports shown on broadcast tv cuz i wasnt fortunate enough to watch the real sports (i.e. basketball hahahaha). But of course the all-black everything persona I have taken notice to this Gabby Douglas Phenomenon and I mean damn ppl!! What the hell wrong with yall and yall comments? But then again, this is fame so what could you expect.

Fame is fucked up because there is good and bad to it. It's attention for anything you do.It was Chris Rock who said you don't wanna be the first black to do anything. When she won the gold medal, she became the first African-American All around Olympic champ and she got the good and the bad. Cuz you know when black people do something they single us out like we're some fucking aliens (or the love calling us animals; flying squirrel my ass). Yeah she may have inspired African-American girls to attempt the impossible, but the "critics" decided to come out and talk about how bad her hair was. Bich!! it's an athletic event!! If youre worried more about your hair more than how youre competing youre obviously getting your ass kicked (except for Troy Polamalu). And here comes the real kicker, when they were delving into her whole thing with her father. Applause is given to Gabby's mother for raising her on her own with little child support assistance. Yet when she threw him under the bus for leaving them, and she did a little bit considering the circumstances, that bus was a big ass bus driven by the media.

It's just a crazy look at how things can be ordinary for you one day, then upside down the next day. If she wasnt even competing in the games nobody would even care for her hair, or her father "stepping out" on her and her mother. But she did compete in the biggest sporting event in the world and will have to endure the spotlight some more considering the endorsements that will come her way. She has the ability to lay low, prob graduate high school and start college possibly or rake in all the money from reality tv. But it's unlikely Gabby feeds the VH1 and goes the route of reality tv, but then again fame is a funny thing.

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