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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Life is But a Beyonce Song

Has Beyonce not shut down the game this year? I mean seriously come on now. Super Bowl she shut off tha lights with her halftime performance. HBO aired her documentary Life is but A Dream which answered the rumors of her having a surrogate to protect her FIIINE ASS BODDY. Ive heard more about Beyonce in the last couple of months than I prolly have ever. Now she drops this damn song:

I mean MY DAMN BEYONCE!! YOU GON GET EM LIKE THAT!! This whole joint is crazy. She takes it to tha whole Htown swag which I personally like because there are not a lot of Houston artists of any genre on a worldwide scale like she is. We put Lil Flip on and they wont let us come back. She got a R&B/Rap thing goin on here and it paid off for her. Everybody is talking about the song. One of my facbeook friends was hoping this would be on her upcoming album. The crazy thing is that it might not be on the album and its still causing hysteria. But alas, just as Beyonce has her fans she has her haters (damn right I said it)

Or what about this guy:
Blah blah blah and yaaawwwwwnnnnnn. Throughout her career Beyonce has dropped songs that has empowered women.So what she drops one little gem "talking down" on the competition. I quoted the phrase becuase any given rap song rappers are using general aggressive statements but nothing aimed at anybody.This song is borderline on being a rap song  Boo fuckin hoo Beyonce used the B-Word, oh my goodness how human of her. What does the inauguration have to do with this? Yeah she sang at the inauguaration and you didnt. She's an artist and sometimes artists breaking away from their norm pays off.
Beyonce is becoming to r&b/pop music what Lebron is becoming to basketball. A couple of years ago XXL did a tribute issue to 2pac and one of the people they interviewed described him as a "game-changer". Beyonce is NO 2PAC, but like it or not she is a GAME CHANGER. To be that you have to take risks musically and she took a huge risk defying conventional logic of her genre, fan base, and everyone else. Kudos to the Queen lol jk. NOW BOW DOWN BICHES!!

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