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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Psst It's not a Secret: My Experiences and Thoughts with the Illuminati

Honestly, a lot of shit doesnt even bother me that much. Most of the time I say it does so I can get riled up for fun and blog it. But this shit right here my nigga, oh my damn!! Apparently an unsigned rapper tried to sacrifice his friend to join the illuminati and uspstart his career. Hit em with the cosby face one time!!
Niggas when are you gon learn to stop this bullshit. Really? Dude smoked a pound of marijuana and allegedly had a book which connected the music industry and the Illuminati together. Seriously this shit has got to stop and Ive always thought it was out of control since it first started.
First time I ever heard about Illuminati, was from 2pac around the time he was about to die. If anybody can remember that time frame, a lot of his songs themed around someone coming to kill him or him dying at an early age.  Then right after he died they release  Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. The only thing that came out of that was everybody was saying 2pac was still alive. Then in 2009 Michael Jackson died and people theorized somebody killed him which turned out to be a half truth but nothing more that a trial could cipher out. But later down the line people theorized it was actually the Illuminati. In early 2010 Jay-Z drops the video for "On to the Next One" and all hell breaks loose (no pun intended). Soon after it was Lady Gaga, Jay, Kanye, Beyonce and others dropping these cryptic messages claiming thy are apart of a "secret" society.I cant tell you how many times Ive heard about Obama being in the Illuminati, New World Order, or even Satan. Hell they even said Earth, Wind, and Fire were apart of the Illuminati.
My friends jumped on this bandwagon and I was shocked. They all came to my apt telling me about the symbols and actions they researched. I couldnt believe that shit at all. It's not that I didnt want to because obviously there had to be something out there to make connection (and there were quite a few) but something just never resonated right with me on this. What kind of secret society are letting their members give off the fact they are in a secret society? It must be a shitty society. And some of the examples were just fucking outrageous. For example, Jay-Z has been Roc a Fella records since forver and a day. Their "trademark" sign is throwing up 2 hands to form a triangle. They claimed that it represents the pyramid symbol on the dollar bill. Well tell that to the Delta Sigma Theta sorority and Diamond Dallas Page. (Also the same claim was made when Beyonce threw up the sign during her Super Bowl performance.)
The original Illuminati opposed superstition, prejudice, and supported women's rights. How did it get to become the greedy, new world order, devil worshipping group of musicians everybody suspects it to be is beyond my knowledge. Not every entertainer is in the Illuminati. Sorry to burst your bubble but maybe there are actually people out there who worked hard to get where they got and didnt have to sacrifice a life to achieve their dreams. But hey it's no secret this world is quicker to believe in a secret society getting you your dreams than believing in themselves.

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