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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Gay Marriage and Gun Control

Whats the difference between gay marriage and gun control? Surely Im not mistaking you right now. Honestly when making a somewhat decent attempt to watch the news I see either one or the other. A month or so ago it was all about guns. Now lately it's been all about gays getting married. Quite frankly neither one is a step closer to having any decent resolve.

Unfortunately, guns have never really become a hot-button issue until last year when mass shooting after mass shooting seemed to be happening. Soon people I thought were liberal were taking conservative stances on keeping guns and vice versa. Everybody felt their right to bear arms was being taken away. Obama was talking about banning assault rifles but NRA was like fuck all that!! And that turned into everyone arguing back and forth (and when i say 'arguing' I mean with Tweets and memes on Facebook). This situation with the gays seem to be getting that same irelleveant feeling but it has always been a huge issue.Now since the Supreme Court is hearing arguments this week to make it legal, the usual 'arguing' is back. This time they have a picture of an equal sign in pink on a red back drop.

People just need to face facts: This shit is not going away regardless of any bill that is passed or ruling that is handed down. Let's take the gay marriage issue for example. I have Facebook friends who are Christians, serious Christians as well, and dont really see eye to eye with what conservatives do all the time but this gay marriage debate has brought out the Bible.  One status is about how marriage is defined for man and woman and all the other stuff. Then my other Facebook friends who are kinda teetering on the atheist side post about the Bible is interpreted one way and marriage is destroyed by celebrity infidelity and other crap. Guns argument as well although it may seem like its one sided to get rid of guns, I always hear a split argument of how they are needed to protect the family or go hunting.

So whats my viewpoint on gay marriage and guns: If they dont pass that marriage equality law, they better not give guns to the gays. But seriously does your opinion even matter? Yeh we will all vote it in or out either of these issues but I do not feel their hot topic life will ever die down. Why? Well youre talking about gun control and gay marriage youre talking about a person's personal protection and sex life respectivley. It's not like the economy issue where youre fussing at people to stop using a fucking credit card. No way. Youre intruding on how people survive and yes in both instances.

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