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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Are you Beautiful?

So I'm up for no damn reason but I caught an epsiode of Dr. Phil and he had an intersting show: 62 yr old lady with a 28yr old boyfriend; a lady lost 140 lbs and her husband didn't like the attn she got; and a lady frm some show "The Swan" who didn't like the new attn she got. Pretty much all the guests were beautiful but could not find happiness.

Its pretty ironic. These women are gorgeous and putting smiles on a lot of guys' faces but at what cost. Either they're mad or their family is mad but somehow a silver lining is found in all this. They are getting the attention they did not expect.  Take the weight loss lady for example. When she was fat her husband was more slender and women would hit on him in front of her face. ( one chick that had a crush on the husband referred to her as "the fat wife"). Now she is getting hit on and he is heavier (partially due to eating the food her skinny self can't finish hahaha) but he can not handle that shit. He once punched a guy who was trying to flirt with her. As for her, Dr. Phil put it best when saying she is doing an "endzone dance": celebrating and rubbing in a newfound victory (she said the chick who called her fat wife could kiss her ass).

Who could blame her tho? Could you imagine not only being overlooked but when you are acknowledged it is negative. The thing is a lot of us feel that way but won't admit it. We feel we are cool ass people to be with and that should be enough but sometimes we feed into the images of tv and music and feel we're not attractive. Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with being with someone you have a physical attraction to (face-wise) but make sure they have a personality or share some connection with you. Porn stars are beautiful and fuck different types of ppl all day yet some of them are married. Its that connection they're significant other has to understand what their job is and be okay with it.

But regardless of who you are with you or what you look like you have to be on point with self. A couple years ago some friends of mine came up with our own excercise commitment called Project: Get Cut where we were all gonna get fit for that summer. We joke around saying I'm gon look like so and so twin or I'm gon have all the hoes such and such be singing about lol. It was goofy but sometimes its the stuff I always thought about when working out. Pushing myself because one day I'm gon walk in the bank with my shirt off pulling bank tellers like "Bitch you see these triceps come roll to Church's chicken with me"? Unfortunately it doesn't work like that. We need our personality to manage our own sanity and understanding. That understanding is gonna help us find that one person that sees us as a Benz when we feel like a Pinto.

So all my friends are doing this healthy eating thing and working out just like the rest of the country. Somewhere somebody is changing their appearance somehow but that won't change who we are in anyway on the inside. These 3 women are beautiful on the outside but it's important they feel beautiful on the inside. Beauty is not measured in hair length, lost pounds or price of clothes. It is measured by integrity, values and the size of your heart. Beauty is found in the eye of the beholder and we have to realize we are our own beholder. Holla black.

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