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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Won't Win this Race


According to Bleacherreport.com Terell Owens says there is a racial double standard of criticizing Cowboys WR Dez Bryant's sidleine rant from Sunday when Tom Brady does the same shit. As a black man I can not disagree anymore with that notion. On Sunday the 4th year wideout appeared to have thrown a tantrum when the Cowboys gave up a touchdown  in the last 12 seconds of the game. Racism is very much alive and serious but this can not be taken serious on any level. Bryant got the attention he wanted.

Coming into this game Dez Bryant was already messing up. Aside from the reputation he had off the field he was trying to compare himself to Calvin Johnson. As I'm typing this I'm laughing about that sentence. There is no real comparison. Calvin Johnson's nickname is Megatron. That says something when you are nicknamed after a Transformer. But Bryant thought he was Optimus Prime I guess. He had a decent game which was 3 catches for 72 yards and 2 touchdowns. How many did Johnson have? Oh just a measly 14 catches for 329 yards and a touchdown. Bryant looked more like Optimus Prius and the sideline activities did not help. 

You can not compare Dez Bryant and Tom Brady whether position or player. As players, Tom Brady is a veteran who has not only been to multiple Super Bowls but won multiple Super Bowls. Has a few Pro Bowls under his belt and an MVP. Has the single-season record for TD passes. He has placed this franchise into a position of dominance in the past decade. Yeah he should yell at receivers if they are screwing up. He is also the Quarterback. Therefore he is THE undeniable leader of this team. Quarterbacks have to take charge of football teams because that is where the credit goes for wins and losses. Bryant has not put up anything close to those numbers. He does not even have a pro bowl. As much as I hear people brag on him year in and year out he should have at least two of those. 

So again how is this about race? What's racist is these black coaches getting fired and not being able to find jobs after they have proven records. What's racist is people still using blackface for their Halloween costumes. That is racist and only the tip of it.  Dez Bryant throwing a fit because Calvin Johnson dominated Dallas' defense is pathetic. And yes I did see the video with the audio. Even with the audio, everybody's body language does not look like they are trying to hear anything Bryant has to say especially when it looks like he's getting into it with Jason Witten. Plenty of black players have been seen yelling amongst their teams over the years but not portrayed as negatively as Bryant. I could say "kudos" to the Cowboys for sticking up for their player but I felt it was more about deflecting from their sideshow reputation gained in the past few years rather than justifying Bryant's actions. 

With all due respect T.O., because I think the media had a favoritism for Tom Brady anyway, Bryant's sideline act is nothing more than attention-seeking just like your comment could be classified as. He has no legitimate beef with anybody other than himself getting into that situation. Speaking as a  black man, there are way more problems with our community other than a football player throwing a fit because his quarterback is not throwing him the ball. Even though racism is a problem, it's not the only problem for African-Americans. 

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