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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Won't Win this Race


According to Bleacherreport.com Terell Owens says there is a racial double standard of criticizing Cowboys WR Dez Bryant's sidleine rant from Sunday when Tom Brady does the same shit. As a black man I can not disagree anymore with that notion. On Sunday the 4th year wideout appeared to have thrown a tantrum when the Cowboys gave up a touchdown  in the last 12 seconds of the game. Racism is very much alive and serious but this can not be taken serious on any level. Bryant got the attention he wanted.

Coming into this game Dez Bryant was already messing up. Aside from the reputation he had off the field he was trying to compare himself to Calvin Johnson. As I'm typing this I'm laughing about that sentence. There is no real comparison. Calvin Johnson's nickname is Megatron. That says something when you are nicknamed after a Transformer. But Bryant thought he was Optimus Prime I guess. He had a decent game which was 3 catches for 72 yards and 2 touchdowns. How many did Johnson have? Oh just a measly 14 catches for 329 yards and a touchdown. Bryant looked more like Optimus Prius and the sideline activities did not help. 

You can not compare Dez Bryant and Tom Brady whether position or player. As players, Tom Brady is a veteran who has not only been to multiple Super Bowls but won multiple Super Bowls. Has a few Pro Bowls under his belt and an MVP. Has the single-season record for TD passes. He has placed this franchise into a position of dominance in the past decade. Yeah he should yell at receivers if they are screwing up. He is also the Quarterback. Therefore he is THE undeniable leader of this team. Quarterbacks have to take charge of football teams because that is where the credit goes for wins and losses. Bryant has not put up anything close to those numbers. He does not even have a pro bowl. As much as I hear people brag on him year in and year out he should have at least two of those. 

So again how is this about race? What's racist is these black coaches getting fired and not being able to find jobs after they have proven records. What's racist is people still using blackface for their Halloween costumes. That is racist and only the tip of it.  Dez Bryant throwing a fit because Calvin Johnson dominated Dallas' defense is pathetic. And yes I did see the video with the audio. Even with the audio, everybody's body language does not look like they are trying to hear anything Bryant has to say especially when it looks like he's getting into it with Jason Witten. Plenty of black players have been seen yelling amongst their teams over the years but not portrayed as negatively as Bryant. I could say "kudos" to the Cowboys for sticking up for their player but I felt it was more about deflecting from their sideshow reputation gained in the past few years rather than justifying Bryant's actions. 

With all due respect T.O., because I think the media had a favoritism for Tom Brady anyway, Bryant's sideline act is nothing more than attention-seeking just like your comment could be classified as. He has no legitimate beef with anybody other than himself getting into that situation. Speaking as a  black man, there are way more problems with our community other than a football player throwing a fit because his quarterback is not throwing him the ball. Even though racism is a problem, it's not the only problem for African-Americans. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Are you Beautiful?

So I'm up for no damn reason but I caught an epsiode of Dr. Phil and he had an intersting show: 62 yr old lady with a 28yr old boyfriend; a lady lost 140 lbs and her husband didn't like the attn she got; and a lady frm some show "The Swan" who didn't like the new attn she got. Pretty much all the guests were beautiful but could not find happiness.

Its pretty ironic. These women are gorgeous and putting smiles on a lot of guys' faces but at what cost. Either they're mad or their family is mad but somehow a silver lining is found in all this. They are getting the attention they did not expect.  Take the weight loss lady for example. When she was fat her husband was more slender and women would hit on him in front of her face. ( one chick that had a crush on the husband referred to her as "the fat wife"). Now she is getting hit on and he is heavier (partially due to eating the food her skinny self can't finish hahaha) but he can not handle that shit. He once punched a guy who was trying to flirt with her. As for her, Dr. Phil put it best when saying she is doing an "endzone dance": celebrating and rubbing in a newfound victory (she said the chick who called her fat wife could kiss her ass).

Who could blame her tho? Could you imagine not only being overlooked but when you are acknowledged it is negative. The thing is a lot of us feel that way but won't admit it. We feel we are cool ass people to be with and that should be enough but sometimes we feed into the images of tv and music and feel we're not attractive. Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with being with someone you have a physical attraction to (face-wise) but make sure they have a personality or share some connection with you. Porn stars are beautiful and fuck different types of ppl all day yet some of them are married. Its that connection they're significant other has to understand what their job is and be okay with it.

But regardless of who you are with you or what you look like you have to be on point with self. A couple years ago some friends of mine came up with our own excercise commitment called Project: Get Cut where we were all gonna get fit for that summer. We joke around saying I'm gon look like so and so twin or I'm gon have all the hoes such and such be singing about lol. It was goofy but sometimes its the stuff I always thought about when working out. Pushing myself because one day I'm gon walk in the bank with my shirt off pulling bank tellers like "Bitch you see these triceps come roll to Church's chicken with me"? Unfortunately it doesn't work like that. We need our personality to manage our own sanity and understanding. That understanding is gonna help us find that one person that sees us as a Benz when we feel like a Pinto.

So all my friends are doing this healthy eating thing and working out just like the rest of the country. Somewhere somebody is changing their appearance somehow but that won't change who we are in anyway on the inside. These 3 women are beautiful on the outside but it's important they feel beautiful on the inside. Beauty is not measured in hair length, lost pounds or price of clothes. It is measured by integrity, values and the size of your heart. Beauty is found in the eye of the beholder and we have to realize we are our own beholder. Holla black.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

NFL Recap!!!!!!

Ladies sorry to inform you but the NFL has officially returned and it was a Week one filled with winners and losers, literally and figuratively. So lets’ go ahead and get my highlights out the way first:



Peyton Manning beat the wingspan off the Ravens. I knew their defense was going to lose some ground but I think Manning shook their whole earth. He played a game that was at a Michael Jordan-esque magnitude throwing 7 touchdowns on the defending Super Bowl champions. And yes I would like to point out the Broncos running game was not impressive but who needs help from a mediocre opening act when your main attraction can open and close the show.

In one game Geno Smith may have saved a job and ended another and for the latter I am thankful. The rookie QB won his first career regular season start defeating the Tampa Bay Bucs but bigger than that he did his thing passing for 256 and a TD and leading the team in rushing with 6 rushes for 47 yards. So with all this speculation about what to do with Sanchez and Ryan, hopefully this would put a decision on either one’s future. From what I’m writing it may sound like I’m leaning toward Sanchez getting the boot only because I’m sure it will happen. But back to Smith, who was chosen in the second round of a draft heavy on the O-lineman (no pun intended). If he continues to keep up this type of play a lot of defenses may be heavy on studying him.

Can’t forget about my home state of Texas, so much love to the Cowboys and Texans!! Dallas’ renovated 4-3 defense forced 6 turnovers on Eli Manning in their home opener. It was also the first time the Cowboys beat the Giants in the stadium formerly known as Cowboys Stadium (now called AT&T stadium). As for the Texans, they mounted a 21 point second-half comeback against the Chargers in their home opener which included a 41-yard field goal to win the game as time expired.



Sadly I have to start my losers off like this but I have to get it done. What is up with the Pittsburgh Steelers? They seem to be losing some of their luster that it seems over half the nation is infatuated with. Ever since they got beat by Tebow in that playoff game they have not been the same. They missed the postseason last year. No James Harrison on defense and no Mike Wallace on offense. Even though it’s one game, it probably is not a good sign to lose to the Tennessee Titans on the first game of the season. Especially when all Jake Locker did was put up a measly 125 yards and Chris Johnson added pedestrian 70 yards rushing. Steel curtain may be closing down on this team If this continues during the season.

Running backs were not as impressive. Patriots’  Shane Vereen was the only running back to hit 100 yards. The other 100 yard rusher was Raiders’ Terelle Pryor, a quarterback. So for fantasy football heads unless your running back hit 3 touchdowns like Peterson did or hit some goal line/receiving action like the Lions’ Joique Bell you probably did not make that much point wise. And if your running back was either David Wilson or Montee Ball, you can shoot your big toe now. The Giants’ Wilson had 2 fumbles and may soon be replaced/sharing carries with either Brandon Jacobs or Willis McGahee. Broncos rookie Montee Ball was expected to make a larger impact than what was shown but did not. And that performance was bad enough for Yahoo to notify me that he was dropped by 14,000 teams across fantasy football.

Somebody do me a favor and tell the Jacksonville Jaguars that by NFL rules they have to show up at some point this season. How do you open the season at home scoring only 2 points? I used to think it people were over the top when talking about how bad they were but I now see where their points lie. You got beat by a Chiefs team that could not hold a lead in regulation last season for 7 or 8 games. Alex Smith did not even crack 200 yards and Jamaal Charles did not even run for a 100 yards and still managed to put 28 points on the board. The only good thing that came out of this for Jacksonville is that Chad Henne will now be the starter but he was garbage before so the Jaguars still lose.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Good Kid Maad Rappers

It is unanimous Kendrick Lamar has apparently saved hip hop according to social media. I woke up and saw the quotes in my Instagram and knew I had to repost. In case you been under a rock or watching MTV Kendrick Lamar dropped a verse on Big Sean's Control calling out half the current rap game and the whole damn internet went crazy. Is hip hop "back"?

Cause you know thas the phrase all underground rappers and hip hop heads are spouting. "Hip hop is back"; "Hip hop needs this"; "Kendrick that real shit". For once I have to throw all favor into the pseudo-conservative nature of hip hop heads. Hip Hop is extrememely competitive. Even tho battle rappers rarely make it to the mainstream there is still a market for rap battles. But there has not been a good lyrical battle between mainstream rappers in a long time. I would not compare to this Nas/Jay Z since that stemmed from a personal issue or 50 Cent/Game since that was one sided in favor of The Game. But that drought has ended. Joell Ortiz has already responded to the verse with his own version and he wasn't even mentioned!! Already good things are happening for rap's competitive arena and can't wait for these other comtemporaries to step up.

But there has to be a negative to this right?  You know how rappers do. MC sees MC do. Remember when Rick Ross put out that Big Meech song? Everybody thought they were somebody other than themselves.  It was a big ass lyrical costume party. So will every rapper be calling out other rappers. I pray to God they don't. Cause it won't be just rappers you heard about. It's gon be the local mofos recording in they closet calling out a bunch of niggas you know nothing about and everybody gon be confused and angry at each other. And of course the ultimate negative I feel will come frm this: nothing happens. All we're gonna get from the rappers mentioned is a bunch of "I like it, it's good for hip hop"; "He is getting fans to my music". Ain't nobody got time for that. We tryna see some collabs now. No talking, more rapping!! We tryna see who gon beast Kendrick Lamar on his own joint or who gon let him on their shit. BASICALLY WHO AINT SCARED TO GO HEADS UP WITH K DOT!!!!

So Kudos to Kendrick Conan for dropping that shit. Rappers I shouldn't have to tell you but take notice. Step your feature game up cause apparently you have been lacking. People talk shit about Lil Wayne but yall remember at one point he was the king of guest verses. And after this verse that crown may be passed around more than a few times.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Murder Rap

Some idiot got arrested for a double homicide. The reason he is an idiot is because the cops listened to one of his rap songs and linked his lyrics to the crime. Why can't you be a rapper that lies like the other rappers?
Rappers always talking shit about something tho. I'm not even gon bring no links in this because we all know a rap song that says something criminally negligent even if you have never heard a rap song in your life. Just a a few months ago rick Ross lost his Reebok deal because he rapped about slipping a date rape drug in some chick's drink. Every rap show I perform at i can count on another rapper shouting this phrase, "Who smokes weed?" I bet you be real surprised if the police stepped in and asked the same question. In fact you might be suprised if one of yo fans answered and got arrested (which is dumb off in itself for that fan). I can write 500 books on the laws broken in rap songs but a lot of times these guys are caught in these lies. Caught up by some gimmick the label has them do to sell records. And they keep these fake personas going until they run into some real trouble. Look at T.I. His first couple albums he was superthug!! He got hit with that first gun charge and damn near became Cosby. Exceptions to this would prolly be Chief Keef and Lil Wayne. I dont know why but maybe it has something to do with dreads.
 As for this fool, he got what he deserved and maybe more. Obviously for the double homicide and for being stupid.  Its an unwritten rule that if you do a crime you shouldn't talk about it in the form of one of the more popular music' genres in the world, in other words: don't rap that shit. People dont remember 5 words their boss told them to do this morning but they can recite the new Drake song that they listened to once. So yeah sir, the only bars you will have will not come from your notepad.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My agony of Facebook

The other day I had a convo with a friend and she told me she deactivated her facebook. Said that it was a distraction and most of all there was so much negativity. Then it dawned on me, facebook has some shit on there that it really needs to filter or get rid of and imma let yall niggas know bout it. 

I don't know if anybody has seen these moody mopy ass statuses posted throughout; but I have seen extra moody mopy ass statuses about them. You know the ones where they go "facebook is negative", "stop complainin", and other crap. Here's a new flash: change your fuckin circle and shut the fuck up. Ur no better than they whinin ass. You have over 1000 friends u can't tell me honestly that those are the only mofos who actually matter that much to waste your character space. Facebook oughta charge you for fuckin up my newsfeed. 

Religous and sensitive posts kinda hit me the wrong way sometimes. I feel like if I ignore a picture I'm goin to hell, somebody dies from cancer, or a puppy loses a paw. Wassup with all the guilt. I'm not sure what church you go to but I highly doubt God is gonna determine your place in heaven based on how many times you share a photo. 

Anti religous posts killlll me!! Oh my God we get it you don't go to to church. Whoop de doo what do you want? No communion? What really irks me are the criticisms ppl have which are seemingly always against christianity."Jesus was black, who this white man?" "Preachers drive fancy cars, and congregation drive crap" blah blah blah catholics ain't right blah blah republicans said this yada yada. Everybody has a right to their own opinion but damn tho this shit ain't happenin on Twitter. Find another religion!! So what Jesus is painted as white. Its America!! Theyre motto is "if it ain't white it ain't right" (fight me on that). There's a lot of things in the Bible people don't follow today (which ironically is an argument used by atheists) so let it go!! As far as preachers or churches "getting money", if it is to the point of harassment or gunpoint your church is hounding you for money find another church. If you can't afford to pay tithes don't pay them!! God knows everything even when you broke!!

Relationship memes are the worst. You know what they are: "be the one she holds..." and aw hell i threw up in my mouth just now lol. Just like  the religous segment, No picture is gonna stop some douchebag frm being a douchebag to his girlfriend. The same ppl who makes those memes are probably some lonely thirsty fucks seeking attention. Obviously those same people are single because people in relationships dont have time for that shit. They too busy bein in a relationship.

So there I said it. Tired of the fuckery on facebook. People it's social media not a protest rally or a church or a dating site. Log in, do nothing useful, log off simple as that. We could be back in the olden days when you actually had to interact with people face to face. But a lot of yall mentioned in today's activities are too ugly to handle that pressure.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ghetto Gospel: Rappers and their Jesus Complex

Rappers seemed to have adopted a Jesus complex.  Kanye revealed initial artwork for his album "Yeezus" which is him nailed to a cross with red sneakers. Last year The Game released his album Jesus Piece with album cover of stained glass mural of Jesus wearing a red bandana. Years ago Nas' video for Hate Me Now showed him depicting hisself as Jesus by carrying a cross reenacting the crucifixion and a few yrs later dropped his album "God's Son", which unofficially became a moniker attached to him throughout his career.
Im prob not the most perfect person to be criticizing their actions but i just have to know what are these guys' fascination with Jesus? Its not the fascinaton like Kirk Franklin or any other gospel singer but they are actually painting themselves as Christ or using His image. Its a plethora of things that runs through my mind when looking at these pictures.
In this present time I think many ppl are getting away frm religion because of the bad rap it has kinda gotten this millenium. It mightve started with 9/11 when everyone assumed all muslims were terrorists. The catholic priest scandals have not helped at all. And recently Christianity has taken a hit with prolly jus about everything frm gay marriage activists to Tim Tebow critics.
I chose these 3 rappers because of their mass appeal but within their mass appeal has to be various religous groups so why Jesus? Why not Buddha or Allah or any other religous deity? Perhaps being black males in America they were raised upon Christianity beliefs and may not have had access at learning or knowing about an alternate religion. Not saying they were so poor they couldnt but maybe there were no nation of islam ppl around to garner any interest or any people of the Buddha faith to do the same.
Now I mention the term Jesus Complex because it complexes me why these rappers would put themselves in that epiphany-like position. Prob the same knowledge was used when rappers name themselves after italian gangsters (beanie sigel, 100 rappers named capone or gotti). Most notably and ironically for Nas and Kanye they are not depicting themselves as the Jesus who performed miracles and did good deeds but rather the one who was crucified for his beliefs. In my personal opinion, I think rappers get blamed for a lot: crime, sex, and pretty much the decline in society's values. But to take it to the point of being crucified seems just a bit too embellishing. Even for Kanye. I'm a big fan of his music and I think a lot of ppl unfairly criticize him for his non music actions. But strangely his music is about some of those actions.
So to close out you have to wonder when does art become offensive and when is art just art? And what would be the difference between Kanye on a crucifix when 2pac did it for the Makaveli album? Before writing this post I wasnt too thrilled with Kanye's album at all because of the artwork but now I'm thinking maybe its just an artistic choice. Maybe these guys are not trying to deliver the message they are Christ but as mentioned earlier the criticism they face daily to them could feel as dense as someone who is being crucified. But treally it all comes down to what you believe in and who you believe in.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Playoff Somewhat Payoff

Yes!!! Made it another year to get to this point of the year: NBA playoffs!! Can't lie. NBA Playoffs over any other playoffs but I established that already. So instead I'm goin to go on a ledge and do something I've never done before: make playoff pics. Now bear with me cuz this ain't your usual NBA playoff picks these are jus some vague ass sure fire statements I made you can prolly bet nothing more than a warm beer on. So crack that 40 open and get yo read on.
Lakers won't get swept
I've thought about this post loooong before Kobe took that fall. But something tells me this team won't get destroyed as bad ppl think. Now don't take that as they will win the series cuz going against the Spurs in the first round after San Antone got busted last yr against OKC will be a tough task. Lake show been struggling all yr and they seemed to have gotten their act together before losing Fearless Leader. They already beat the Spurs  earlier in the week and I think Dwight Howard is motivatd to take this team over for the time being. If he's not then he's ready to put on one hell of an audition tape, hopefully for the Rockets. I expect that good work to continue in the postseason.
Heat/Knicks will be in conf finals
 Ever since Melo came to NY that franchise has been completely different. This season has been especially remarkable. They are the 2 seed entering the playoffs, a lot of their stars are healthy coming into postseason play and even gave the Heat a run for their money a little. That latter statement is important cause last season's 5 game sweep was too devastating of an end for that team. The Heat seem invincible coming off a 27 game winning streak beating folks left and right with or without all of the new Big 3. I mean who else in the East really matters. Celtics are a yr away frm rebuilding, Bulls have no Derrick Rose, Brooklyn is not that playoff strong to me and every other team is irrelevant and unmentionable. Also this won't be a quick 5 or 6 game series. Get your DVR ready cuz this is going the full 7 games. So there will be plenty of chances for a classic Lebron/Melo matchup for the Conference Finals and you can bet the 6 pack on that.
Bulls and Heat are going 7 games
Both teams will be coming off lackluster opponents (Heat vs. Bucks; Bulls vs. Nets) so expect them to really get it going. The thing is since chicago is technically a lower seed they may be pushing the pedal a little harder and willl be warmed enough to take on the defending champions. And then there is this little problem with whether or not Derrick Rose is gonna play but that shit wont be happening as I mentioned earlier. The Heat may be sort of sluggish after barely wielding any effort in sweeping the Bucks. This means they will definitely let some games get close but that is not what you want to do with a team such as Chicago. Just like last year when the Pacers gave them their wake up call, expect the Bulls to do the same to the Heat. The same team that ended their historic winning streak will definitely look to put a championship streak before it even begins.
Spurs will find a way... to fuck it off
Sry San Antone, out of all the Central Texas sports teams (Mavs, Cowboys, Longhorns, Rangers) you are my fav fan base but you will not be makin that shine for a fifth title. Your drive for five is gonna crash. Now don't get me wrong y'all have a good squad but letting go of Stephen Jackson gave the Nuggets an extra confidence boost. Signing T-Mac was nice but everybody keeps thinking of the T-Mac in Addidas commercials and hittin 3's consecutively. That shit aint happenin anymore bruh. The Thunder still have Westbrook/Durant and Kevin Martin is not bad. He's no James Harden (who by the way needs to get MVP for taking the Rockets up a notch but i'll shut up) but he is sufficient enough.
So those are my picks. Feel free to comment on whether you like them or you think I need to stop sniffing glue. Hit me up with feedback at:

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bad Rap

In 2006 Nas dropped the album Hip Hop is Dead and oh my damn Hip Hop went crazy. In 2013 I'm startin to ponder how true those words could be? Especially considering what the first few months of rap music has seemed to be in comparison to its supposed more sensitive and softer spoken sibling, r&b.

Gone are the days where the r&b singer is suppose to be masters of love: singing about significant others, heartache, and random love making (not sex, but makin love). No more playing in the background of a rapper's platinum pop hit or even playing background when a rapper features on their song. The current crop of R&B stars are stepping out with just as much swag as their hip hop counterparts.

So far some of the biggest songs that have dropped this year and got the hip hop sites buzzin have involved R&B artists. Everybody went crazy when Beyonce  dropped "I Been On". Yeh ppl have hated on it but in an artistic value. And yes there has been buzz about which rappers is and will be on the remix and future remixes but have to point out the fact that an R&B singer started this whole thing with a song. Beyonce's joint is just an indication of the aggression you can feel from these singers nowadays. Take Ray J for example. Drops a diss song "I Hit it First" against Kim Kardashian out of nowhere. Ray J!! Aint that Brandy's brother? But the one to really take the spotlight right now is Chris Brown. Last week a video was released where just tears through a freestyle on Hot97. Not to mention his much talked about verse (partially because of the Drake diss) on Young Jeezy's R.I.P. remix.
So all this talk about R&B but what noise have the rappers made lately? Oh I dont know maybe about nothing related to art too much. You want notoriety, how about Lil Wayne offending a civil rights activist during Black History Month? Or what about Rick Ross' rape line. It wasnt even his song!! That will get you noticed but that's not what hip hop is about. Yes rap music is controversial at times raping women comparing civil rights workers' faces to vaginas really aint helping the cause. Neither is the fact that the one anticipated song this year (Drake's Started from the Bottom) has lead to criticism that he really didnt start from the bottom.

So is hip hop dying right now? Hard to argue considering the things going on right now and hard to believe after the year of albums which has happened and those projected to happen. But how long is it going to last for R&B right now. Big Krit has just dropped a mixtape already crowned a classic and J. Cole is well on his way to drop this year. Cause while these singers may be trying out different styles, their taking away from the romantic aura of R&B which is gonna eventually that genre. and it wont be long before we're giving them a "Bad Rap".

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Accident Needing to Happen?

Smmfh. Of all things to be done this year, a white has sparked a real conversation about racism. Brad Paisley dropped a new joint with LL Cool J titled "Accidental Racist" a song about a white man dealing with racial differences which in my opinion is like Kobe Bryant dealing with playing off the bench. But... I kid you not. I read the Entertainment Weekly online article and have heard the song and I'm completely sold on it.
“I just think art has a responsibility to lead the way, and I don’t know the answers, but I feel like asking the question is the first step, and we’re asking the question in a big way. How do I show my Southern pride? What is offensive to you? And he kind of replies, and his summation is really that whole let’s bygones be bygones and ‘If you don’t judge my do rag, I won’t judge your red flag.’ We don’t solve anything, but it’s two guys that believe in who they are and where they’re from very honestly having a conversation and trying to reconcile."
The song is an open look at racism frm a white man who starts out explaining to a Starbucks waiter why he was wearing his confederate flag shirt. Pretty nonsense oriented but pretty damn accurate in complaints made about the confederate flag. Like I implied earlier, I never saw white ppl as the ones who faced racial discrimination because they are the assumed majority (even though hispanics are projected to become the majority very soon.). Majority doesn't have to worry about racial profiling or bein called slurs because the majority for years has threw those at the minority. Times have changed and the minority isn't as meek as they once were. Now equality is not just in holding hands but trading jabs. The harsh reality to the oppressed is that they may be equal in oppression to even those that are the color of the majority.
Of course LL Cool J is in this blog as well. His verse is ok but rapping over this beat is kinda tricky and you can tell with his cadence. But dont let that take away from the message he is giving. He raps about how having saggy pants or dressed up in other certain ways shouldn't call for judgment. And what caught my attention was him talking about overlooking his gold chains and maybe he could overlook the iron chains. That was prob the most uncomfortable part of the song for me. Black people may never lean toward forgiving or forgetting the horrors of slavery once they learn about them. Jus the other day I heard white people used to use slave babies as alligator bait. Thas something that can never be forgotten especially in exchange for ignoring the fact I'm wearing some expensive jewelry.
To me, this song is more powerful than entertaining. A lot of ppl will tell you this song is wrong and what does a white man know about racism but exactly the reason why its needed. This conversation needs to happen. Every race is discriminatory to another in some form of fashion it doesnt matter what color you are.Why? Because as this country gets bigger and things become more televised and broadcasted globally, such as stereotypes,  ppl all over the world are looking at how different races are being treated by the majority and other minorities and will follow suit. Theres racism against asians, hispanics, middle easterners and many more. Perhaps that should be the remix. But when it comes to racism we need to remix our thoughts of prejudice, stereotypes and hatred we have toward certain groups. Thas the message Paisley prolly wants to give thru this song hopefully racists will get the message thru to them  and not jus by accident.